Are Gaddafi and Osama's deaths proof that Obama has a better foreign policy than Bush or McCain?

Obama has killed far more terrorists and dictators than Bush. Are Republicans jealous?

Opportunistic Hypocrisy.

He’ll take responsibility for Chavez’s cancer next.

LMFAO! Obama has an identical distant places coverage as Bush! And liberals applaud him! so a ways as your comments, you at the instant are not precisely precise: * McCain mentioned that he did no longer help an in one day withdrawl from Iraq, yet extra progressive. * Bush in no way mentioned he did no longer think of roughly Bin weighted down merely weeks after 911. you’re taking what he mentioned thoroughly out of context, from a assertion he made years afterwards. * Has Obama been a Commander in chief? LMFAO! Obama in no way served in the militia, yet instructions the main precious militia in the international. stable ingredient Bush left him a playbook.

I do not believe the USA had much to do with the killing today of Qaddafi, it was citizens/rebels of that country.
If McCain (a military/Navy man) had been in charge, we would be doing lots better over there. I don’t think Obama did a single thing towards Bin Laden’s death, it was our generals and Navy Seals. Note the word Navy was used twice here… they are the ones who can get the job done.
Bush just got things started and these things had to take time to happen, but Libya is a separate issue. Where do people get these ideas?

I agree with JoeBob (above) as well, very good answer.

NO I think it was just timing…although I do believe that Obama has better foreign policy at least he is willing to use diplomatic methods and engage other governments in dialogue…something Bush’s administration didn’t do, no talk, just war…….military intell found Bin Laden just happened to get it right at that moment and the Libyan people sparked the revolution that brought down Gadhafi although they may have felt the US would support their efforts with Obama in office which we did, and maybe they chose now to revolt for that reason.

Obama opposed Bush’ war on terror. Now you’re saying this is all because of Obama’s foreign policy? What is his and the Left’s foreign policy? Oppose going to war when a Republican is in the White House and become pro-war when a Democrat is president?

Republicans are going to have to stop talking about the War on Terror because President Obama is killing all the terrorists. He took out bin Laden which Dumbya failed to do, then took out Gaddaffi, which Ronnie Reagan failed to do. At this rate they better start making room for President Obama on Mount Rushmore.

President Obama 2012!

No, not jealous of 9.1% unemployment or 15% poverty levels in the USA. Glad Gaddafi is gone, but its nice if you get congressional approval BEFORE you commit military assets.

I’ll credit Obama for Gaddafi with as much credit as liberals gave Bush for the removal of Saddam. He had little to do with the actual operation since Gaddafi was captured by libyan rebels, as opposed to Saddam who was captured by American troops.

Remember, Democrat bombs cause love, happiness, and baby puppies, while Republican bombs kill children and create terrorists.

Personally I want Obama impeached for prosecuting an illegal war for committing military forces without congressional approval (sound familiar libs?)

No, but it does prove that Gaddafi’s and Osama’s foreign policies were worse.

The UK and France led the operation. The US took a step back on this one.

Give those two leaders the credit for this operation. It was the UK and France who wanted the no-fly zone.

Yes, Obama helped but he didn’t remove Gaddafi. The NTC did.

And yes, the Republicans have made this world far safer. Please stop with your liberal lies.

According to his own staff, he had t be blackmailed into authorizing the Osama operation.
As for Libya, only/all of you Democrats celebrate overthrowing a COOPERATING government and handing one of the World’s largest and most powerful military inventories to Al-Queda.
Yeah, by DEMOCRAT standards, turning Al-Queda into a MAJOR World power is “better foreign policy.”


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