HELP!!! from anyone with knowledge about Jimmy Carter or especially his book “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”?

I have been super sick, and i was supposed to read the book “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” for English class, and do a 2 1/2 minute presentation on the book and author and answer questions from the teacher and students, but i was so sick i could barely grasp what i was reading. The assignment is really…

I read the book and I thought Jimmy Carter was really trying to square his innate sense of justice and right with his Christian Zionism, you know, the part in the bible that says Israel/Palestine/Canaan was promised by God to the descendants of Abraham which many Christians think are Jews.

Carter mainly reports on his own experiences, and tends to gloss over the history of ethnic cleansing and massacres, as well as much of the brutal oppression carried out by Israel and its founders against the Palestinians. In other words, when he came on the scene Israel was there, he believes it should be an exclusive Jewish state it seems in part because it’s recognized by most Western countries, it’s an antidote for the Holocaust, he admires the Jewish people and he has this so-called biblical outlook that says the land belongs to the Jews. He kind of buys the notion that Israel is some kind of plucky innocent nation beset by enemies and valiantly defending itself (rather a distortion of the actual history but one which is invariably presented by the pro-Israel propagandists.) So he believes the Palestinians should just accept their exile.

Despite his religious pro-Israel bias, I believe Jimmy Carter made an important statement towards peace, for which he was much vilified.

Jimmy’s book lays it out with facts.

He points out how it is a farce What Israel does.

Jimmy was correct in so many ways.

Sorry, but I was super sick of Jimmy Carter; so, I didn’t buy his book of propaganda.

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