Why did Democrats vote to restrict free speech on the internet?

Bill came before the House today, HR 1606, known as the Online Freedom of Speech Act. The main idea was that online communications (such as blogs, web sites, etc) were not considered “communications” according to the rules governing the FEC. Thus, it would ensure that those of us who discuss political matters…

You explained your side well but you did not present the opposition side. Without reading both sides I will have to either relied on the democrats judgment or go to read the whole thing myself. Going by past experience I would tend to believe that the democrats would favor the propagation of all views in a fair manner.

Wow what an unpartisan question from somebody with no political agenda, lol.
Yes Im sure you found the only unbiased source. Congratulations on being perfect. All the dems are pot smoking flag haters who dreamed up global warming to steal money out of poor oil companies pockets. And all republicans poop gold and there farts never smell.
Oh and read the statements of the people who agree with you, hmmm. Namecalling (and probably some from the left too).
Has it ever occured to you asking questions that are really statements widens the divide and does not solve anything. Is this really a question or a statement. No need to respond I won’t be back. Just think about it yourself. If I ask why do the yankees suck, do I want an answer, probably not.

If the bill came before the house today, and it’s a Saturday, plus the House doesn’t come back from their 4th of July vacations to meet again until at least July 9th, then where are you getting this from? Plus, I looked up the websites of my Representatives and Senators, I don’t see any such bill that they voted on. Could you list an actual source of where you found this?

The whole thing was just a ruse by the ‘righties’ to get ‘soft’ money from political donors to flood the web with political ads,pop-ups,fake blogs,and as a source of even more money to continue the take over of the web ! The ‘free speech’ was only really meant to let the ‘money’ talk ! No wonder it failed !

Thanks for brining this to my attention. However I do think that linking money to politics is a dangerous thing and that if a politician can throw millions of dollars at the internet to unbalance an election that is not good for the country.

Having said that I will alway speak my piece no matter the consequences.

Fascism always comes from the left

Because they don’t like anyone telling the truth about them

I don’t know, but thanks for bringing this to light. I will check it out!

there was to much republican pork attached.

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