Has reading a book ever changed your life?

Which one? in what way that book changed your life?

I honestly cannot say that one book changed my life because many have affected my life. Books that I never imagined I would like changed my opinion on a lot of things about life. Most of the books I read don’t really have a purpose, or a message, or a good theme, or teach me something about life. It’s hard to actually find a real, good book that is life changing. When I do find one, though, I become a little philosopher. I start to question life and death. I start to realize the errors of my ways, or become more acquainted with things I previously did not know. Or I find something different that inspires me, or something that invokes feelings in me that I usually don’t allow myself to come out.

Yes, the book Racing in the Rain changed my life and point of view of the world. I know understood how many little things are left unnoticed or held off and can turn into one huge thing that ruins your life. Yet that huge thing is tiny to things compared on the news and nobody cares or notices. How love ruins your life in so many ways, but fills you with joy in so many more ways. The question I have pondered since reading that book, “Should I take the chance of the great love, and maybe a terrible life, or never love?”

The Chaos Walking series,by Patrick Ness.

The series is so beautiful it hurts.

I can’t even find the words to describe how it changed my life.

The ending to the last book,Monsters of Men,was the most heartbreaking,hopeful,breathtaking,
poetic ending to any book I have ever read,and am ever likely to read again.

If the series taught me anything,it taught me this:

Hate is a powerful thing.

But hope is even more powerful.

Growing up is hard as hell.

And you should never let go of what you love. Ever.

I know it sounds …. cheesey. But it’s true.

the count of Monte Christo had an “What are you waiting for git her done” effect on me. Every time i watch it I get motivate to accomplish some thing.
and of course the bible is a given. The Bible has had an profound effect ont he lives of so many.

Every book I’ve read by Nicholas Sparks…. mostly they remind me just how much my family means to me

Chelsea handler..Chelsea Bang Bang

Yes- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
-It didn’t turn me into a ranting politico bastard but it did make me reevaluate some stuff I was taught.

yes,a cooking book can’t remember the author cause i through it away
how it changed my life?
lets see, i learned to cook

yep ..the bible
found my purpose which is not t please myself but to please god.
to seek him and turn away from evil in the world
god bless

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