Polygamy's benefits. Love for your sister what you love for yourself?

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, i am completely for men having more than one wife , if they are man enough to uphold their responsabilities and duties, the man who does not treat his wives equally will be raised on the day of judgement with one side of his body dragging/hanging down…

when i speak with some…

I could never share my husband. Islam gives us the right to keep our husbands to ourselves. A husband needs first wife’s permission to take another wife.

Wa alikum salam wa ramatullah .Polygamy’s benefits among others are (1)solve the problem if the wife is infertile or having long illness (2) solve the social problem where there are many poo widows with so many children (3)solve the problem if the husband has high sexual lusts so the wife could not serve him well The husband should treat all of his wives fairly,equally,tenderly and he should have enough income and wealth for raising 4 wives and their children.He is not allowed to make hurt one of them.If the wife accept the polygamy of her husband with ikhlash based on hadith she will get heaven. because she is not selfish and she is ready to share life with the other wives. May Allah always bless us and guide use to the right path. Ameen

Judging from the comments I read I’m guessing you’re pretty well known on here, not sure why, and I was way too lazy to read all of what you wrote but I got the gist of it. I get a lot of nasty comments from muslim women for my views as well. All women are born with jealousy ofcourse, and nobody wants to share their husband, but I actually don’t mind. I am busting my butt to make sure my husband can marry a second wife and this is why. My husband does a lot for me and my family, more than my own family ever would. Marrying more than one wife is not haram, it is from Allah so I have no reason to fear it, and when I do get a little insecure/jealous I find comfort in “Allah knows best” because he does and he knows what he’s doing. I do my best to be a good wife, and appreciate my husband, and if the least of what I can do to be a good wife and show my appreciation is to let him marry another woman than so be it. My husbands happiness is what’s important to me, and we have an agreement anyways, I am meeting women so we can choose togeather, afterall whoever he marries I marry by extention, might as well be someone we both agree on. That is just me, I’ve never been a very jealous person, I trust my husband so I have no reason to be jealous, and I rely on the fact that he will always be honest with me, even if I don’t like it… to each is own, this is just me and my family..

There are no benefits in polygamy, at all. No sane woman will share her husband. Period.

Polygamy never works. Sorry.

And sorry, I didn’t read your posts as usual…

There are no benefits. It is illegal and degrading.
I love my sister and want I am happy she has what she wants, but it has nothing to do with this.

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