Will the American Public hold President Obama accountable for jobs, even though Republicans refuse to help?

The Executive Branch does not have the power of the purse. All President Obama can do is suggest that Congress take up bills that would increase the employment. If Republicans refuse to work with him, then he can do nothing except shame them into acting.

President Obama poll numbers went up by 6 points since…

Yes they will try, however intelligent voters know the republicans are the ones obstructing any progress, those bills they have prepared do NOTHING to deal with the shortage of jobs, and we know it.

Just reading some of the posts posted by the “children” here show me just how uninformed they are and how susceptible they are to misinformation and lies.

The dumbing down of America continues.

I suppose EVERYONE is supposed to bow down to the all knowing and all seeing Obama because he alone knows what it takes to create private sector jobs even though he’s never held one or created one prior to now. Awesome! Such complete rational thinking amazes me. Oh, by the way, just out of curiosity………..I know you blame the Republicans but Obama had a Democrat controlled Congress for two years and the Republicans couldn’t stop them from doing anything, not even filibuster, so why didn’t Obama do his job thingy back then? The unemployment situation was the same then as now. Oh, that’s right, I forgot. It was Bush’s fault back then and a year later, it’s the Republicans fault. Who’s is it going to be next?

His jobs bill,which is actually a tax and spend bill, went through both the house and Senate and was voted down. Even Democrats voted against it. Since then House has passed 15 jobs bills but the Democrat controlled Senate won’t even bring them to a vote. So exactly who is it that is refusing to help?!

Oh, you mean besides the 18 jobs bills the republicans in the House have passed so far

That the Democrats in the Senate are blocking and refusing to allow to be voted on.

Yes, thats 18 jobs bills the democrats are blocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look…while Obama continuously rails against a “do nothing” congress, he has atleast shown some willingness to compromise with the House Republicans. Harry Reid and his Senate Democrats have tabled every single jobs specific bill(15 actually, now going on 16) leaving them to die and they have the gull to turn around and take pot shots at the Republicans by saying they are taking the American tax payer hostage.

You have misplaced judgement my friend.

Karen is absolutely right none of those 15 bills have anything to do with creating jobs it’s a fat lie by John Boehner

I nominate Karen for best answer it’s a fact

Some will, especially the ones that have seen the EPA DEregulatuion bills the house claims is jobs bills

fyi, the Republican majority HOUSE has sent bills to the Senate and Harry Reid and the Democrat Majority Senate have refused to act on any bills sent.

0bama is using this as rhetoric just read you look stupid with a statement like this.

Yes, because they know there are 15 House Bill which were tabled in the Senate at the President’s direction.

Liberals lie constantly.

His jobs plan would have raised taxes on the rich, corporations, businesses. basic economics should tell you it would make the economy worse.

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