How can we stop illegal immigration without rewarding them with amnesty and the ability to buy US citizenship?

1. Major fines and jail time for anyone who hires illegals.
2. No benefits whatsoever for any illegal immigrants.
3. End the birthright. Make it so at least 1 parent must be a US citizen, or legal immigrant, for a child to gain citizenship at birth.
4. Make it so no one who has entered illegally, or overstayed a visa by 6 months or so, has any shot at ever becoming a citizen.
5. Put the military on the border.
6. Make English the official language. No education, or government documents in other languages.

If illegal immigration is a crime then I suppose we are ALL guilty. I bet the native American Indians wish they had the same legal rights to kick all of us white immigrants off of their land when they arrived ILLEGALLY over 300 years ago. Just be glad the Hispanics aren’t coming over our border with an amassed army of over 10,000 fighting men waiting to rape and pillage every town they come across in order to claim the New World for themselves. Illegal immigration is a farce. All people, whether illegal or not deserve the American lifestyle that we citizens have been blessed with. Have you seen the red tape and bureaucracy it takes to go through just to apply for US citizenship? If you think the IRS is bad, wait until you see the INS. I’m all for the amnesty bill. If you don’t like it, go back to the country that your ancestors came from.

This is going to get me some thumbs down, but here goes…

1. Build a WALL between USA and Mexico, with armed guards in towers.
2. Remove ALL illegals from this country- by any means required to do so. If that means going door to door, house to house, then so be it.
3. Take away the business license of any company found hiring illegals- forever. No second chances.
4.Give the local police the ability to detain and deport any person they find to be illegal.

I know this sounds harsh, but it is the only way to get the job done in my opinion.

The real answer is in electing government officials that will do what the people want and not just play lip service to us while doing the will of special interest groups.

As has been pointed out, all we really have to do is enforce the laws we already have. Unfortunately, most of our elected officials ignore them. Passing laws does absolutely no good whatsoever. Pass all the laws you want. They do nothing unless you IMPLEMENT them.

What does Hillary say about illegal immigration? She says she is against it. What does La Raza Unida say? They are all for it. Who does Hillary hire to help run her campaign? Former president of La Raza Unida. What does that tell you?
Hillary is giving us lip service while bowing to the special interest groups….Not that lip service in a Clinton administration is anything new.

Look at the voting records of your elected representatives on all of the bills that would help reduce illegal immigration. You might be surprised. Vote them out if you don’t like what you see

I think there needs to be a two-fold approach to ending illegal immigration. First, you remove the carrot on the proverbial stick that is luring them here by the millions. By that I mean require ALL businesses to verify the legal immigration status of every worker employed, and that they want to hire, through a web-based verification database. Those that are applying for a job and the verification comes back saying they are here illegally, ICE will be notified and will take said person into custody, and deport him within 3 days. In addition to deportation, any and all property, vehicles, bank accounts and other assets will be seized and auctioned off to pay for the cost of deporting them.

Right now, when people get deported, all they have to do is shell out a couple hundred bucks and come right back across and pick up where they left off, if the penalty for being in the US illegally was stricter like that, and they lost all their possessions, they would think twice about coming back across.

Now with regards to the businesses that are screwing the American worker by hiring illegals, I say we hit them the hardest, starting at the TOP and working our way down. If an employer is found to be hiring illegal immigrants, that business will be fined a minimum of $100,000 for every illegal worker they have hired, and in addition, the executive of that company will be imprisoned for one year in federal prison for each illegal worker.

And I am not talking a country club fed prison; I’m talking in there with the hard core criminals. Once this starts happening, companies will think twice.

The second part of that carrot is stop providing the social services incentive for them to come here. Prop 187 (California’s Landmark Law that was overturned by a Federal Judge) should be reinstated across the country. Deny any and all public benefits such as non-emergency medical care, education, welfare, food stamps, etc. to anyone that is here illegally.

Once the lure of a job and free healthcare and education and free handouts is gone there is not much incentive to come.

In addition to all that you completely secure the border. Then re-vamp the d*mned State Department bureaucracy to fix the problem of those wanting to come here legally and do it the right way being made to wait 5 years to get a green card. Have a limited guest worker program, where they are able to come here for a period of 2 to 5 years and work Legally.

Before being approved to be a guest worker, they must have a background check. No felons will be admitted into the guest program, they must demonstrate a proficiency in English, they must have a medical exam and be free of diseases that we have eradicated in our country such as TB. They will, as an approved guest worker, be able to obtain a temporary driver’s license for the specific period they are authorized to be in the country as a guest worker provided they provide proof of vehicle insurance, they must provide on a monthly basis continued proof of insurance on their vehicle.

If they commit a crime, get busted for DUI, let their vehicle insurance lapse and be caught driving, etc.

Their guest worker status will be terminated immediately and they will be deported and barred from ever becoming a guest worker again.

Illegal immigrants will self deport if we do the following:

1. Sanctuary cities lose federal funding.

2. Every employee or potential employee must have a verifiable social security number – must match the name it was assigned to . (SSA & IRS must assist empoyers with employee verification.)

3. Identity theft – 10 year mandatory sentence.

4. Employers caught cheating and hiring illegals – stiff fines and penalties up to and including jail time.

5. No government benefits or drivers licenses for illegals.

6. No in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

7. “Anchor babies” not allowed US citizenship.

8. Build a fence with strong enforcement at the border.

If these compliance methods were used then we could get a handle on the illegal immigration problem and allow temporary or seasonal workers for agriculture and job sectors that Americans truly won’t do.

Enforce The Law. And add: English as the Official U.S. Language.

Now, forgive me for being human but I also believe that (on a VOLUNTARY basis) we should be concerned for our neighbors of closest geographic proximity. Let’s face it, their presidents are categorically useless…one after another. And they’re in the grip of the cartels.

So, build the walls (parallel, tilt-up), end birthright citizenship as it was never granted by the Constitution (read the Congressional Globe of the 39th Congress and get back with me if I’m wrong), double-tax anyone who hires illegals, permit hospitals to give minimal care and release to ICE…do all that, YES!, do all that.

But, remember the peculiar realities to our south. They need guidance. As long as the borders are open, they’ll ignore any advice, taking our money as the highest admonishment. Those nations could and should be grappling with the complexities of their own economic miracles no less than those Japan, etc, have already dealt with.

They simply have no nudging. No prompting. So, let’s do them the honor, huh?

By enforcing existing laws instead of issuing them driving permits.

By not granting any social services to non citizens…..

no welfare, social security, hospitalization, etc.

Oh….let’s not forget NO EMPLOYMENT for illegal infiltrators….

without the above, illegals wouldn’t last long here…

All that amnesty brings is more demands for more amnesty

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