What negative effects will spaying have on my 8-month-old kitten?

I heard that the younger a cat is when it gets spayed or neutered, the likelihood of the cat [in this case, the kitten] experiencing a lack of energy is lessened. This is good news to me because I love watching my kitten Roxy run around like a little goofball. However, I can't begin to imagine why she would…

Getting your cat spayed is the best thing you can do to ensure she lives a happy healthy life. Spayed cat are more enjoyable to be around with since they do not have the hormonal need to breed. A cat in heat is a nightmare and they get in heat every 1-3 weeks every month of they year, and especially rampant during the spring breeding season.

Kittens are naturally playful and they are always active and goofy. Spaying her at this age will not change her personality nor will spaying alter her in any way behavior wise when she matures as an adult cat. A cat personality is determined by her upbringing and genetic disposition. Spaying will not and can not alter that.

Hope you will schedule and appointment for her spaying surgery soon. At 8 months old, she is already overdue. Spaying her earlier before she’s showing symptoms of going into heat is the best and will ensure a shorter recovery period.

Well being spayed is like having a hysterectomy, so obviously there would be some changes. I do think that if the cat is spayed before sexual maturity, perhaps there will be less difference between before and after, except of course for the pain from the operation. I imagine that a sexually mature cat will feel the difference when the hormone levels drop. I had a male cat that was de-sexed when he was nine month old, and definitely sexually mature. I noticed that although he got over the operation fairly easily, he seems depressed for a while after, as if there was some change in his mood. I take it down to the hormonal changes. After a while he adapted and was ok. I believe you should spay your cat. When a cat is on heat they are quite noisy and difficult to be around, and a cat on heat will do absolutely anything possible to escape. Don’t chance it, do the right thing. Unwanted kittens is such a sad sight, and each year thousands of cats are put down because they are unwanted. I know you probably don’t was your cat to have any suffering, I completely understand that; but the temporary discomfort seems very little compared to having kittens put down. After she has been spayed, you will need to not pick her up for several weeks after, you can still pat her through. After the operation it will hurt her if she is being handled because she has a wound and stitches on her tummy. If you pick her up, especially lifting her by the tummy, you risk the stitches bursting open and that could lead to more pain and infection. Just be gentle with her for the first six weeks after, and avoid her jumping around too much until the wound has healed.

None. She will be a better pet for you. Her personality will not change just because you had a hysterectomy performed on her.

If you do not spay her, she will be in a heat a lot. Yowling, trying to get outside, rubbing her hind end on you and anything else. When a cat is not bred, they cycle a lot, seemingly endlessly. This can be frustrating to an intact animal and that may change her personality. Not to mention it is not good for her health.

No negative effects at all! 🙂 You are making the right choice to spay her-otherwise, some male cat will force her to have his kittens!

there aren’t any negative effects. my boy was spayed then.


SPAY her.

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