Halloween haunted house ideals?

I want to have a haunted house but the thing about it is I am on a tight budget. It will be inside of a building or should I say inside of a room inside of a building. The room size is about 15 by 15 feet. I did it last year and it came out good but this year I am lost for ideals. Any ideals will be greatly…

I have been doing home haunts for the past 15 years and money is always an issue. I got very tired of buying props as they are so expensive, so we started making all of our own props. It’s pretty easy to do and there are tons of websites with step by step directions.

Here are a few ideas that are cheap to work on the look of your haunted house.

If anyone will be passing near windows,
Paint them with a water based paint. We had an illusion inside one of the windows and made people walk up to look inside. A “peppers ghost” or “flying crank ghost” illusion looks great. If you can’t do any of that just cutting out a silhouette and placing a red,black, or any eerie light in the room will create the right effect.

I took large dead tree branches about 4-6 feet tall ones and screwed them together to make dead trees.

The bagged cobwebs are inexpensive and can create a great look as well as protect people from touching your props.

If you have the time and effort making a bottomless pit is a great effect especially outside where it is more believable.

Fog is of course important! But if you have an old cooler you can make a fog chiller to chill the fog keeping it creeping along the ground instead of just flying up and away.

Making gravestones is good! An added touch is to take a dark towel, place it in front of the grave, cover it with dirt then place a hand or head like it’s a fresh grave and something’s coming out.

Get a couple of spot lights paint them red (spray paint on regular bulbs works) and highlight some of your better props. It also works well when you want their attention away from where an actor may be hiding to scare.

A couple of full sized stuffed dummy’s laying around get their guards down so that when you dress an actor the same way and make it obvious that they are stuffed, when the people walk by that when you strike!

Well hope those helped!
You can check out what we have done for the past few years on our website, www.FernleyHalloween.com , although I have not updated it from last year. We started just like you and now is a small town we had over 1200 people and the TV and News papers both did stories on us.

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Check out www.hauntershangout.com for some prop building ideas too.

paint the walls, or get like temporary wallpaper, black and white checker board. ok the room should be like completely dark and you let one or two kids in at a time and tell them to take like 5 steps or whatever to get to the middle of the room. youve got like 10 people in freaky costumes pushed up against the wall so the kids dont bump into them. you have the kids stand there for like 10 or 15 seconds, just building suspense. then you have a strobe light go on, but only flash once. then you flash it again in like 5 seconds. then in like 3 more seconds you turn it on and let it keep flashing. the have like 1 or two people at a time start coming towards them and eventually have everyone going after them, and do that for like a minute. if you make it too long theyll get bored since its in just one room

well make sure its pitch dark w/ flashing lights oh and on the walls put gooey gross feeling stuff lol but um put up skeletons and scary lookin stuff u should have ppl dressed as freddie crugar or jason that follow the ppl to scare them u should also have a chuckie doll or someone dressed up as chuckie that would also be scary but um 4 the costume contest i hope thats fun and im sure it will turn out great well i hope i could help bye

its hard to think of ideas lol at the door you coukd make it to look like a creaky old gate and around the walls you could have cobwebs you could buy fake bood and splat it on the wall only thing is it would be really messy to clean up. if i can think of any good sugestions i wil let you know lol sounds like its going to be a good party!!!!!

Well orange and black decorations and pumpkins and skeltons and candy corn

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