Worried about my 14 year old daughter-it's like she's in some kind of mini-depression?

Mom using daughter's account. I don't care if she can see it, I would rather her know I'm worried. And sorry this is really long. If you can't help me with this or don't feel like reading it please just move on.
My daughter is 14 years old, and a freshman in high school. Lately she's been…

hey okay you should really take her out of her school and make her start new!!!!!!!
i swear it will really help her make new friends and let her go to the school the boy goes to because you dont know she might be really sad that she can go suicide i hope not but still try to prevent it!

Well, It’s possible that this one ” boy ” has affected her in such a way that its causing a lasting effect on her, but this seems to be a bit extreme, I do think you should confront her, and tell her you are worried about her.. and do whatever you can to get her to open up and let you know whats wrong, if she’s reassured that you’re there for her and that you’re going to listen and not judge to wahtever she has to say.. maybe that’ll be the key you need. If not, well I usually wouldnt suggest this, but if she wouldnt show you whats in those boxes, you may just have to go and do some snooping. If she wont talk, you need to gather as much info as you can about what could be bothering her. And while I agree that snooping through her things isnt exactly fair, sometimes when you just cant get through, its necessary. That is a decision for you to make.

As far as her hurting herself, you’ve got to watch out for the signs of ” cutting ” and suicide, read an online suicide awareness guide and become familiar with the signs and ” symptoms ” of it and if you start to notice these things, get her professional help right away.

I wish you luck.

I have gone to 11 different schools and I’m only in 12th grade! and no that isn’t a typo. I think she is hiding a lot of things from you and it’s getting the best of her. I went through the same thing around her age. I did have a lot of friends but I just couldn’t trust people. But I ended up on a chat room one day and a really nice guy a little bit older then me started talking to me. Asking me about school and friends and all sorts of things. It was really nice to just have this person WANTING to know. Well it was like a flood gate opened and everything just spilled out of me. And I did feel a lot better. And yes me and that guys are still friends, Just only by messenger. If you like I would talk to her. Maybe if you would want to send me an e-mail so that you feel more comfortable I wouldn’t mind. I’m just a 17 year old girl going through high school the same as her. But if you decide that my e-mail address is [email protected]

Hey, I’m 14 (almost 15) and I had some depressions and stuff. Sometimes is nothing serious. It’s normal that she’s sad because of the change of schools and the boy… But if you’re that worried maybe you should try to talk to her. And if she doesn’t wanna talk at the first time, try again a couple of days later, if you see she’s not getting better. She’s a teen and you’re her mother. If you have a good relationship with her, she will tell you if it’s something that serious. You just have to keep on trying 😉

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She probably is mildly depressed. Talk to her about it and ask her point blank if she feels she’s depressed and if she’d like to talk to someone about it.

Have her talk to a therapist again, and see if you can’t have some sessions be with the two of you talking to the therapist to help resolve the desire of changing schools. Changing schools in high school probably won’t hurt her especially since she wants to change but she may be running away from a situation that could be resolved in another way.

okay, so she is in love with this boy.
i am now 15 years old.
i just recently moved to minnesota and my boyfriend of 11 months moved to tennessee around the same time.
i do suffer from depression, but i find it more useful if my mom doesn’t get involved.
i know that sounds terrible and you worry about your daughter but that’s the best for her.
making her feel like a depressed freak will Absolutely not help her.
we all have our moping stages,
i had my own and still do occasionally.
i have my own box of things that he gave me and that remind me of him to look at when i need to, and to keep away when i need to.
i know you may think teenagers don’t know what love is but we know more than you think.
i am in love and have been since i was 13 years old.
the distance hurts me alot, yes.
but it becomes easier after a while.
just give her the chance to keep in contact with him..
phone calls, letters, myspace, facebook, email.
whatever you feel fit.
and do understand she is grieving.
give her her space, let her know you care, but don’t pry anything out of her. if she wants to tell you she will, until then, she has it under control.

i send my best wishes!

Read her previously asked questions, it may give you some insight.

But, seriously, if you know her yahoo password, it’s a bit of an invasion of privacy.

I went back and read some of her previously asked questions to see if I could help you out any more…to be honest, it sounds to me like she’s going through a lot of normal teenage sh*t.

I’ve got a lot in common with your daughter. I’m 14, I’m the same height as weight as her (I know it’s wierd?!) and we have a lot of the same inconvenient teen problems. Most teens don’t wanna talk to their Mum about this sort of stuff, but if you’re concerned about her and she needs to talk to someone, she can always feel free to e-mail me. I’ve pretty much gotten over a period of depression myself and from reading her questions I can relate to a lot of her problems.

I dont have a daughter and I dont have to much experience with teenage girls, but I do have a sister who is 14 and she is a nightmare. But I will tell you this from my own experience, I am 23 now, but my memory is fresh from when I use to be a teenager… she probably really likes this guy very much and really wants to be next to him. This is not gonna go away, NOT until she meets another guy that she thinks is as good as “him”. (When I was 15, I met this guy from another town and I really, really liked him, after a week he went back to his town and for 4 month I lived with the hope that one day I will meet him again, I wasnt in the mood to do anything and I was counting down the days, I wasnt in the mood to study, to do absolutely anything… until I MET another guy) To help her get through this you definitely have to talk to her, first as a FRIEND and THEN as a MOTHER…maybe tell her about some guy you met before you got married to her father… the most difficult is to get her to talk to you, then the rest it is really easy, BE her best friend and put yourself in her situation.. (I am saying this, because me and my mom never really talked about boyfriends at all because she wasnt that sort of type to sat me down and to talk about stuff, she loves me so much, but she wasnt a friend of mine to talk to, especially about boys)
I understand that you are worried about her being depressed, but her education comes first and it is very important…
And also a mother always knows her child… act from your motherly instinct and DO NOT shout at her and dont push her to speak to you, if you let her know that you are there for her, she will tell you stuff when she’s ready.
Hope this helps..

Just talk to her about it. It’s not worth getting all upset about a boy at 14, more stupid rather. You have your whole life to do that.

OHHHH DANG look at the name. She is clearly heart broken!

That’s a huge clue.

Look at the people saying stay out of it. They don’t know ANYTHING. This is similar to my cousin not to scare you or anything. She hung out with the wrong crowd, was really depressed, did drugs, tried to commit suicide with her friend and her friend died but she didn’t.

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