Was the Iowa Caucus rigged?

Santorum? His campaign office was in the front seat of a pickup truck. Romney? He's a Morman in a Christian state. Who lost to McCain in Iowa in 2008. McCain lost to Obama. Who won the entrance poll Ron Paul! Paul's biggest criticism is his foreign policy. Not by the MILITARY though! The MILITARY…

I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. NO! I do no believe this was rigged, And so what if they cut him off, they did on fox too, and they did it because there was a speech coming on after him.

The Iowa 2012 Caucus was absolutely rigged, and there is evidence of that everywhere. Santorum and Romney’s numbers received a huge boost, obviously because a Ron Paul win in Iowa would be devastating to the establishment. The Iowa vote-tally was moved to a “secret location” for vague reasons, and the count took a very unusual 5 hours. Not to mention, the lights conveniently “went out” in some voting locations as soon as all the votes were collected, and many eyewitnesses reported discrepancies in vote numbers (between what was collected and what was reported to the HQ). At this point, you’d be crazy NOT to suspect vote fraud in Iowa, not vice-versa.

So not even one week into 2012 before your party turned on each other? You lasted longer than I thought. You should definetly get ron paul to be a third party candidate. Im sure that will go over great for you.

It was rigged.

You guys are complete FKing idiots to NOT VOTE 4 RON PAUL.. Too many DUMB FAT IDIOT AMERICANS that Vote and DONT KNOW **** ABOUT POLITICS.. SMDH, fking sheeps!!


Why are your focusing on CNN when there are countless other news outlets, none of whom seem to give Ron Paul any attention. I will be voting Obama again. As you pointed out, the Republican field is a bunch of losers.

Yes, and here’s the proof: http://presstv.com/usdetail/219170.html

The vote was evenly split among the three top candidates approximately 25% each if you were going to rig the vote wouldn’t you give your candidate a commanding lead?

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