Isn't it kind of funny how the word “live” spelled backward is “evil.” ? lol?

Yes…. and Evian ( the water) spelled backwards is NAIVE….LOL

A man. A plan. A canal: Panama. Look up the word ‘palindrome’.

Ya thats weird and theres a DVD called Elvis Lives which has the same letters.

Sure* Funny in an evil sort of way!

Lol I know,Imean I would never have thought also someone pointed out that Santa is an anagram of Satan….

That’s really cute. I suppose you know all about : MR Ducks?

Oh wow. That is soooooo strange. Racecar backwards is still racecar.

I have never noticed before. That is quite funny actually and somwhat ironic.

Whoa! Interesting….

And God is Dog. And mix up the letters in Santa and you have Satan.

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