How many days can a tourist stay on US soil after applying for an B visa (I-539) extenstion that was denied?

I was denied of a tourist visa extension in the US and I just want to do some other stuff (spend time with my son who stays with my ex wife) before I leave so I would just like to know how much time is allowable.

If your extension was denied you have until the original date given on your I-94 (the piece of paper put in your passport when you arrived). If that date has passed then it is time to go.

None. As soon as your visa expires you should leave the country that’s my advice (and the law) because if you ever apply again for visa or try to enter the US, the immigration officer can and would likely deny your entry again. Too risky.
Just go back to your country and visit again after sometime

If extension was denied then the original stamped date on your passport shall be followed. Normally it is 6 months but yours may be different. Check where immigration put their stamp. A day later still means overstaying. Better get out before you get caught, it’s worse if you can’t see your son in decades.

human beings can practice for a vacationer visa to Japan. It demands an utility value, a missive of invitation from somebody living in Japan, an interview on the jap consulate, and a lot of pointless artwork, so there is not any factor. there is extra no factor, through fact a vacationer visa in basic terms enables you to reside as much as ninety days. yet you won’t be in a position to coach for a visa in Japan. you will possibly desire to coach for a visa exterior Japan, and the approach is performed suited on your place usa, which means doing it interior the US. the main rational thank you to extending your visa waiver stay in Japan is to leave the rustic for some days and then re-enter. maximum persons are effectual in getting yet another ninety days, yet not continually. most of the justifications to get denied at immigrations is they believe you’re taking on residency in Japan or you’re working there. This many times does not artwork for a 2d time; you get denied. in case you have an interest in staying in Japan for longer than ninety days without getting a artwork visa, you could connect a jap language college and get a pupil visa. you could likely upward thrust as much as two years out of jap language college, some fluency in jap, and the means to have interaction partly time artwork. the different determination is to get a cultural events visa and alter right into a pupil of a time-honored paintings which could be in basic terms found out immediately in Japan from a grasp.

None real world wise. One day over can mean that it would take years to visit again.

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