Any cheap beginner motorcycle ideas?

I really love the style of the Suzukis and Kawasaki Ninjas and all. I want to purchase a cheap, pre-owned motorcycle for a first timer.

I don’t have anything more than 2-3 grand to spend though so any ideas?
Please And Thank You!!!

Hi, I am a beginner too and recently bought a 2003 kawasaki ninja 250 with 8000 km for $2000 (Canadian prices are usually higher). I know in the US you could probably get a new 250 with less km for around that price (under 3 grand for sure). I would recommend buying used since it’s not if, but a matter of when you’ll drop it (2 weeks in, I dropped mine moving it into my garage, only scratched the fairing). Just ride the 250cc for a bit, than upgrade in a year or two once you’ve established your skills.

I took a motorcycle training course on a Honda CBR 125, but didn’t want to get one since you can’t really push it on the highway much higher than 120km, making it dangerous for a crazy driver swerving into your lane.

I wouldn’t recommend getting a bike with over 400cc as your starter bike since they’re more difficult to maneuver and heavier.

Also the kawasaki ninja’s have lower seats so even if you’re a shorter female rider like me 5,5″ you’d have no problem putting your foot down.

Hope this helps and happy riding!

Do not know about the $a thousand limit or how tall you’re but the virago 250 via Yamaha is a high-quality little bike to study on. Also the Honda rebel 250. As for crotch rockets, i don’t like riding them but they make just a little Ninja 250 and a 500. I believe Suzuki makes 250s too. These bikes are effortless to manage and have great fuel mileage. Trip secure and at all times wear a helmet. Dealers get exchange ins so ask. Verify the neighborhood newspaper or on line auctions sites. I as soon as put a wanted advert within the paper and about 2 weeks after an older man referred to as and had just what I desired in his barn. It needed some work but ended up being a fine bike.

This is the cheapest Kawasaki Ninjas i could find..


first things first..

helmet,, jacket,, gloves ,, MSF course.. so there’s $1000 gone.

second hand 250cc bike.. $1500…. insurance??? depends on your record with insurance companies… but could be another $1000..

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