Here it goes:
1. What is the most funniest video that you have seen on youtube? Please answer by putting the link of it OR by just telling me all about the video…thank you!
2. Would you rather-
– party all day or party all night?
– meet a dancing lover vampire or a singing lover werewolf?
– watch cartoons…

1. When this girl was singing on a table and broke the table.

2 Party all night

3. Michael Jackson Always 😉

4. Have you ever met Michael Jackson or went to his concert

5. Carousel
6. Someone Put Your Hand Out
7. Human Nature

I hope I have that right that would so embarrassing. 🙁

a million Hell yeah! 2 Chess, had an interest in it on account that age of six. soccer. 3 confident, Beat It (youth music for me) 4 $50 present card to each keep in international? substitute that sh*t for money! 5 confident 6 modern-day, via fact i don’t decide for to appreciate destiny via fact it heavily isn’t marvel and not the previous via fact the previous is previous 7 Nah, laughter does not treatment AIDS 8 Do you like random surveys? 9 i’m going to attempt to you may 10 Woo they are all stable

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