11 Month old having 4 BM's a day, how normal is that? Also, diaper rash questions…?

My daughter will be 11 months on Friday. Her eating habits have always been healthy, and she is an excellent self-feeder. Her bowel movements have been a bit of a concern to me, though. She poops 4 times a day! They are well-formed and soft, and it's obvious that she's chewing her food as it's not…

Poor kid! Diaper rashes are no fun. I’m sorry, I can’t really speak to the number of BMs a day.
As far as the rash goes though, one thing I have tried with cloth diapers that hasn’t seemed to cause too much damage is a bit of browned cornstarch or flour. You just brown it in a skillet, and ta-da! It works basically like baby powder to keep them dryer.
In my experience, the zinc always works really fast for a standard diaper rash. Like by the end of the day fast. However, with my oldest we had problems with repeat diaper rashes – you say yours hates baths when she gets rashes, so on the off chance this is a recurring problem, there is a possibility that the rashes are really yeast infections, which won’t respond to zinc ointments. That’s what my oldest always had.
The way to tell the difference is that a typical diaper rash will look smoothly red, with all the affected skin fairly evenly discolored. A yeast infection will be splotchy, with little red spots visible at the edges which can blister and bleed. My daughter (who seems to have some sugar issues) could break out in one of these within 15 minutes at times. The doctor would prescribe clotrimazole (sp?), and anti-fungal cream. It works okay, but the rash would always come back. This went on until she began to use the toilet.
When I had my son, he got a similar rash within the first two weeks, and I freaked, thinking the whole thing was starting over again. My midwife suggested a serious no-sugar diet for a couple weeks, along with taking a probiotic supplement that had as many strains as I could get. I went through two bottles, and haven’t had a problem since – my son is now 5-and-a-half months old. I really, really wish my doctor had suggested that the problem might be in my diet, and that the probiotics would work for both of us. It was obvious that the sugar set her off – even juice was bad, let alone the ice cream my father-in-law insisted on giving her for breakfast! I didn’t realize my own sugar (and carb) intake likely originated the issue 🙁
I hope that’s a lot of unnecessary ramble and not the problem, because it’s no fun to try to get a handle on. One last suggestion would be that the pre-folds I used five years ago can’t compare to the microfleece inserts and liners I use now. We use Flip, which works pretty well and is more affordable, but the BumGenius is amazing – we can’t even tell when he’s wet just to touch it. The fleece liner is like magic. BumGenius just released a new 4.0 pocket diaper, which runs about $17.95 and comes with velcro OR snaps – which means that the 3.0 (velcro only) is on sale in a lot of (online) stores. I saw it for $14.36 at thegreennursery.com Good luck!

The bowel movements seem normal at this stage because I’m sure that you are introducing her to several new foods. Try to keep the peanut butter down and also things like eggs and butter. . . they make you go more and the stool will be soft.

I don’t think you need to really worry though because as long as it isn’t diahrea then she isn’t loosing any of her fluids. She’s just getting it all out. I’m sure that there is nothing actually wrong, she may just be taking in a lot right now with all the new foods and the way her stomach/bowels react to such the foods.

As far as the diaper rash you can try all the creams that you want but the strongest and the best will be the one that they give you at her doctors appointment that will be doctor prescribed. They may not want to give it to you, but demand that they do. Since she is your child and you know what will work best and you are paying for it they can’t denie you that.

If you want to try something tonight then I suggest getting Destin Over Night Cream and use it during the day and night. Its really strong and it works really well. Also, for bath time try doing cool water instead of warm water and use only baby soaps (no bubbles) when bathing.

Good luck and hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Aww poor thing. My son was like that when he had a bad case of diarrhea. Try ButtPaste. It’s a little pricey but it works very well. Give her some pieces of cheese and yogurt. Yogurt has some kind of GOOD bacteria that will help. Other then that you really do have to let it run it’s course. Try the buttpaste though and too many baths can also dry the skin so after her next dirty diaper, don’t give her a bath, just wipe with a damp warm cloth and put the butt paste on.

I’ll answer the question one by one . 1.) yes anything a baby is on food then it always changes the way he bowel regulate . So yes that is fine . You should be concern if it because runny. and 2) Please Please Please use Balmer’s it works . It can be found in any store sometimes even in grocery stores. Speaking from experience . My daughter when she was born had a horrible horrible diaper rash turn out she was allergic to Huggies . But Balmers you should see it clear up within one day . My advice clean her first with a wash cloth make sure the area is dry . Then apply . It really works. This is the only product that work for my daugher much better than A&d

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