POLL: so lets make a record …..?

I was just wondering so i thought of this question

lets make a record of atleast 200 – 500 answer

question is

do u like Tokio Hotel band

and if not then

who is your fav celebrtity crush

*stars* appreiciated also so others ppl can also visit it *

please answer ,

I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL! and i know if you said if not butttt my crush is bill kaulitz

1. I super duper love Tokio Hotel =)
2. My Celebrity crush is Hmmmm Robert Patterson is kinda of hot =)

Ich liebe Tokio Hotel ├╝ber alles (L)
amm.. guss, tom, geo & bill (L)

It’s not working.

I don’t like Tokio Hotel.

Celeb crush = ?

OK then.

I hate Tokio Hotel.

I don’t have a celebrity crush.

first of your a creep { forgive me for my language} how do you prefer to checklist your perfect chum and HIS female chum and according to hazard his female chum would not prefer you to have a recording on them doing there enterprise and you’d be able to desire to teach it to different persons with Mouths and he or she could desire to get observed as a **** and he or she could desire to smash up with him so quiet getting pissed and performing like a splash toddler

I will help but this question will be deleted.

these kind of questions are against yahoo answers strict TOS…that is why.

<————- celebrity Crush

[2] Jonathan Davis

looks like it’s not goiin out very well
but i starred it

i only like one of their songs

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