I wonder if Obama is through “talking” to Iran and N. Korea?

We are moving into a world more dangerous than any we have seen because of Obama's weakness or perhaps, just stupidity. This clown hasn't been in office six months and two of our worst enemies have become nuclear powers.

Wonder if the Iranians or N. Koreans are working on any suitcase nukes for us, ya…

Obama and Kim Jong have something in common. They both dislike the USA.

The Republican Party will attract a lot more people if it starts to think rationaly instead of stupidly. How is Obama responsible for North Korea or Iran having nuclear weapons, especially, as you said, he’s only been in office for less than 6 months? Some may argue that the world would have been a much safer place if we hadn’t invaded Iraq based on lies and deception by the Bush administration, which I’m ashamed to say that I helped vote into office. And I would tend to agree with those people. Obama may yet prove to be a good or bad president, but it’s still too soon, and too stupid, to blame him for problems that have been brewing say, for the past 8 years at least. Wake up, Republicans! Don’t listen to charlatans like Limbaugh and Cheney. Think on your own, for a change, instead of being zombie-like “ditto-heads”.

And since when is it a bad idea to communicate with our enemies? Why do we always have to act like a bully all the time? It hasn’t worked yet, has it? After 9/11, we had the sympathy of not only our friends and allies, but also of our enemies and their allies. When Bush left, we have no more friends, and our allies are keeping us at arms’ length. At least with Obama, our allies seem to be less ashamed to call themselves our allies. Let’s give the man a chance! I don’t know how good he’ll be, but I’m pretty sure that he’s not responsible for the Iran and North Korea problems.

You got a point, because Iran and North Korea weren’t problems before Obama. They were the nice guys on the block. Epic Failure.

we knew they were developing nuclear progams for at least the past 4 years. Of course they are unveiling it now with Obama as President, because thats the natural course of things. If they started building a sand castle 4 years ago, of course they will unveil it 4 years later, regardless of who the President is. Usually when someone starts building something, they intend to finish it. If Bush was President, if Mccain was President, it would still be the same result. If they didnt unveil now, they would unveil it next year, or 4 years from now. Either way, thats the natural progress of things. I dont see how it has anything to do with Obama. Wether hes a good president or not, hes not superman. NOBODY could stop them from unveiling these nuclear programs. You think they just started building them within the past 6 months? This was YEARS in the making, so it wouldnt it be easier to blame Bush for not stopping it when we first heard about it, years ago? Bush isnt superman either. This is just craziness.

I, don’t get it. Didn’t Obama beg them and apologize their forgiveness for all Americans arrogance. And now these communist have the audacity to disrespect him and all Americans, choosing not to except Americans apologies for destroying theirs and all other countries with Americans arrogance and negative attitudes towards them. What a shock this is. Well! Not to fear. Obama is now begging Americas Mother Country (China) to do something as Obama has no real clue what to do, but tell on North Korea for being SO rude. One might think they did not hear a word Obama said while apologizing to the world for Americans. I, am just thankful Iran is a very understanding country and sympathetic to Americas apologies for their arrogance. Can you imagine if a real country with food and gas decides to test America and Obama.

North Korea has put the rest of the world on notice that they will not tolerate interference with their ships carrying weapons to other countries, too. Thank God Obama is on top of this.

Give them hell Barack! Barack? Hello? Where are you Mr. President? Hey, they are going to start exporting this technology, Barack! Barack? Has anyone seen the President?

Oh, he cannot be disturbed right now, he is working on the menu for tonight’s cocktail party.


They have very little respect for Obama, that is obvious. They are testing him, but it will really depend on Russia and China. I really don’t think North Korea is stupid enough to attack South Korea, but maybe they are. I think they are playing political games.

If a war does break out, I’m not sure what North Korea could possibly gain. They are not a powerful nation as it is, and after about 10,000 bombs dropped on them, they are really going to be weak.

You are easily jumping the gun, I am sure you would be more comfortable with Bush back in administration and the US being the laughing joke of this planet. You indeed would be happy as long as you had someone strapping guns and invading countries while screaming “Do what we say, how we say to do it, OR else!”

Obama knows exactly what N. Korea is doing. They do this anytime a new president is in office. They threaten to see what aid and benefits they will receive if they “are good”.

It’s funny you call him weak yet he was the first half African-American president of the United States and Bush was a legacy to it… ha

Iran has become a nuclear power? When did that happen? Please link us to this information that you have that no one else does! LOL! Iran began enriching uranium during the Presidency of one George W. Bush. North Korea meanwhile exploded its first nuclear device during his Presidency too. What Obama is faced with is cleaning up yet another mess left behind by the most inept administration of the modern era.

I’m sure Slick Barry has a few more apologies for North Korea and Iran. He still needs to bow to Kim Jong Il as well

Iran is a peaceful nation and they do not want anything from anyone other than peace now NORTH KOREA wants food and money LIKE BUSH GAVE THEM BEFORE…..as for talking I don’t think there be much to say anymore…and Hillary is a crappy secretary of state SHE IS NOT A CONDI RICE so don,t expect anything good from a Clinton…dino

We don’t have to worry about Iran.
Look up what the Israeli air force did to Iraq’s breeder reactor in the 80s.

as far as N. Korea, the leader is insane, so you can’t expect normal cause & effect, you just have to be ready for whatever he pulls out of his “crazy closet”.

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