I asked 2 questions today that only got 1 answer. does that mean I am pregnant?

I just made a liar out of you AND knocked you up

are you now my babies momma?

Lol! I laughed at the whole first paragraph!.. Your right about that. Look I know its been a while since you have been TTC, but dont give up hope. Have you tried anything that others have. Me and hubby have been trying for almost 10 mnths and we BOTH are getting hurt month after month becuase nothing is happening. There is still hope for you though and its okay to vent. Youll get your beautiful baby soon girl! Just stay positive, try to be stress-free and google anything you think might help so that you can present it to your doc and see what they say..

Do a test, but I don’t think the lack of answers means you are pregnant, think it must be something else that’s caused it.

Jesus, you too?!
There’s a lot of that going around. Single answerers have the most fertile sperm……
they also tend to have mutant children.

look out.

If you get Best Answer, you better check a pregnancy test 🙂

its a big possibility! <3 I will be the baby momma

OMG YES!!! Now go and get an appointment with the doctor. HURRY!!!

yes it does… now i think you should go to the pregnancy section and get some advice on your options!!!! LOL great question

well if your pregnant from that then.. i must have 4 kids by now!!

we can make a play date if you like!

I’m sorry to break it down to you, but YES you certainly are.

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