Help my dog ate milk chocolate covered pretzels?

My dog (cavachon, 18 pounds, half bichon half king charles spaniel) ate about 10-20 milk chocolate covered pretzels. she was just laying down as i was writing this, and i woke her up (like made her walk) and she went to go get her ball to play fetch. she seems normal. she ate it about 20 minutes ago. thanks

i’d take him to the vet.

he is a small dog and even though theres not much chocolate on milk chocolate covered pretzels you can never be too carefull

good luck

Bottom line is chocolate is a major no-no for dogs.

There are multiple ways to get a dog to vomit.

Salt water force fed in increments can make a dog vomit..

A turkey baster (or 2) full of peroxide force fed to her will do it…(1 part peroxide 2 parts water), but once in a hurry I used straight peroxide and it worked with no ill effects.

Mustard squirted (not hard…just squirted) to the back of the tongue will cause vomiting also.

You might want to give your dog this stuff outside…they actually barf fairly fast after being fed the above.

Hi ok maybe you should call the vet your dog is registered with ask his advice i personally think she should be ok but the effects of the chocolate wont be visible straight away so you will have to keep a very close watch on her for the next 24 hours. You really should call the local vet just to be on the safe side but good luck hope she is ok.

Even with small dogs, it takes more than a few bites of milk chocolate to even cause vomiting or diarrhea. Just keep it all out of reach from now on and he’ll be fine.

even a small amount of chocolate can do great harm to a dog including liver and kidney damage I would have my animal checked at the vet clinic now

sometimes when dogs eat chocolate they are completely normal and recover even though it is bad for them. however just to be certain that your dog is ok i would call and ask you vet immediately. its always better to be safe than sorry

he should b ok but try not to let her get anymore chocolate just keep an eye on her

good luck

if shes playing and seems normal she should be fine but give her some REALLY burnt toast anyway because it is supposed to kill what ever toxins the dog

he’ll probly be fine. my dogs eat chocolate sometimes and they havn’t died yet. he might get a stomache ache or something though. just make sure it doesn’t happen to much. if he eats too much he might get sick.

just make sure she doesn’t get sick and if she does she is probably going to eat grass just so that you know but ether way she might try to eat grass but just be careful !

(Good Luck)


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