Why do girls at my school hate me?

Ok at my school almost all the girls tell me to shut up whenever i talk, they ignore me a lot too. but if i go to another school for a bball game or something girls are all over me. like even semi bad looking girls ignore me and it makes me mad. honestly i dated one girl from my school for 7 months, then after we…

maybe it would help if you treat girls with respect in the first place, maybe they wouldn’t be ignoring you now if you descent and instead of being a playa.

Looks aint everything , if you wont to be treat with respect yourself then treat other people with respect and don’t play people against each other.

because no one likes players and cheaters. even if you do cheat during a relationship, it’s best to come clean after it happens especially if youre really into this girl. but if you really were interested in her, you wouldnt have cheated in the first place.

the reason why girls at other places are all over you is because they dont know you personally, but theyre all competing for you because they probably think you look good. its only natural to want to talk to someone that looks attractive to you.

you sound delusional to me,what makes you think all the girls in your school hate you,90%probably don’t even know who you are,,They probably tell you to shut up and go away because you irritate them.
My guess is that you are a loner who likes to think himself a player who’s at the centre of everything and writing on here and having strangers giving you advice just reinforces your delusion

maybe it’s just the girls heard from someone and etc. that your a player and they don’t want that. Or maybe your just around the wrong girls.

theyre probly trying to get attention from you. but yeah you only dated one girl.. i guess you can try a different image and be sweett to them?? ahha idkk why they hate u.

Thank god females can see you for what you are – not fit to have children with anyone.

why do you keep asking the same question over and over?

Girls don’t like you because you’re a moron.

ahahaah they obviously hate you because you’re a douche.

“players” don’t whinge on Yahoo


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