Who do you think would win in debate between donald trump vs whoop goldberg over obama birth certificate?

And over was obama born in USA

Trump didn’t say:
– The Birth Certificate didn’t exist.. or
– He believes he was NOT born here…

He simply says: why not produce them?

He is suppose to be the “transparent” President….

I’ll tell you why:
1) He doesn’t want you to know who his REAL father is…
2) He was out-performed – academically (and in most other ways too) by Bush 43.

Neither. Obama mom is from Missouri or something. So he is American.
If Angelina Jolie flys to France and has her kid in france that does not make the child necesarrily French. Angelina’s baby would still be an American because she and Brad Pitt are American.
If a Mexican flys to the USA and has a baby in the USA does that make the baby an American??
Obama is American because his mother was an American. She just traveled around a lot and did not have time to fly back and have him here.

Since Goldberg is correct she should win, but that’s not how the world works.

President Obama is a US citizen. He was born in Hawaii, AND his mother is an American citizen, giving him citizenship by blood.

well right now its the sponsor on this webpage because we’re on it answering a question like this…really? who cares. if its not Obama getting heat it would be some other president if something that can’t be controlled goes wrong or is already wrong and is passed on to someone people tend to blame the person with the most power ie the president.

She would walk out of the debate like she did when talking with Bill O’Reilly.

Considering Whoopi has the IQ of a sack of hammers I would give the nod to Trump, even though I don’t like him.

Whoopi would have to legally change her name to “Whoopee” because trump would Whoop her pretty soundly and easily. Trump presented facts, Whoopi presented emotions.

“Yeah 9/11 was the first time in the history of the world that fire has melted steel you idiots”

Nobody has produced any evidence that obama is constitutionally eligible to be President. The liberal governor of Hawaii admits that there is no birth certificate for obama.

Whoopi would win since she has the truth on her side.

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