Superdelegates should save us from Obama.?

Http:// – Clinton would win against McCain today by a landslide, but McCain would crush Obama.

In Florida (critical swing state), McCain leads Obama by 10%. But Clinton is beating him by 6%.

Clinton is also winning Nevada, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which he'd lose, and…

I agree, but it seems like the Democrat party is more afraid of offending black voters than wanting to win. The media, especially MSNBC is so in love with Obama, they would have a fit if Hillary is nominated. Just look at how they flipped out when Hillary mentioned RFK when saying primaries usually don’t wrap up in February. Somebody on MSNBC basically said Hillary was asking her voters to shot Obama.

Besides, the Democrats are almost afraid of winning at this point.

The superdelegates won’t save us from Obama. They are afraid they will lose the Black vote (14% of the population) and afraid of the race riots that will occur if Obama doesn’t get the nomination. Of course they will swift boat Obama and we know that Obama doesn’t handle any negativity well–he will crumble. The good thing about Hillary is she is tough and her dirty laundry has already been aired. The Republicans will bring out alot for on Obama.

The fact that you can list all the “swift boat” style attacks that you think are coming is evidence that they’ve already been made and done their damage. The real danger Obama faces is details of his liberal voting record becoming better publicized. Hillary never did that because she was fighting for liberal voters too. McCain doesn’t have that problem. If McCain uses Rove-style tactics, he risks damaging himself more than Obama. People can hardly blame him for talking about Obama’s voting record though.

I think that the people that have jumped ship from the Clintons have done so because they know if Obama wins that they will be able to pull his strings. Hillary is just too strong of a person. Besides, what do powerful men dislike most?? Powerful women.

Polls are practically meaningless over 5 months out except to say that there is a chance for both Obama and Clinton to win, and of course, McCain. They only tell us that today, such and such a candidate might win. But some candidates are better campaigners than others and are more likely to close gaps or widen their leads. Plus, we haven’t even had ONE debate with McCain vs. Dem. Electoral-vote isn’t even the only electoral vote counter, and the other two I’ve seen have Obama winning versus McCain, not that it even matters right now.

I’m guessing you think the superdelegates are mostly uninformed idiots, considering the vast majority of the last 4 months of superdelegate endorsements have gone for Obama.

Do you think that Hillary is not going to be swift boated as well, probably more so since the GOP has a larger file on her?

I question the conclusion on the site you linked to because it is comprised of polls from a number of companies, using different methodologies and at different points in time. I suggest that you look at the data in a .csv format to see what I mean.

Ha and you think Hillary/Bill’s background is sqeaky clean.. what about Monica, impeachments, mysterious deaths, stealing everything out of the white house when they left with the exception of the kitchen sink, whitewater, Under table business deals.. please.. nafta, and don’t forget the LIES< LIES<….. they will eat them alive.. why they like McCain focusing on Obama.. the Republicans haven’t turned on them yet..She will lose without the black vote that she will never ever get now..

Your map sucks. Look who put it out. Obama will win in November. I have confidence in the American people that they will be able to say “No More Bush, No More Republicans”.

Because then the whole reason to hate Bush would be negated…..The dems need to count the popular vote.

That’s nothing compared to what they’ve got on Hillary, I just hope we get a dem this time around, good luck to us all.

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