Please! Help us! Name our dog.?

If I can't come up with a really great name for our new black lab, my little girl is going to insist on naming him “KC Jones”!! (drove the train too fast?). No, our last name is NOT Jones. We got our puppy 3 months ago. We call him KC, but we need “something cool” to put on his…

Last Names’ KC Bird dog extraordinaire

Piglet is fine if that is what you like, many people may associate the name and the tail with a pig, and may make derogatory comments, but she is your precious baby doll, give her a name worthy of a compliment. She has been through a lot most likely to even be at a rescue.

i think kc jones would fit…he answers to kc so maybe something that starts with a k and a c like Kansas City King or Kelly’s Chief or something like that.
i think kc is a cool dog name.

Huckleberry, Dakota, Baxton, Cooper, Comet, Jinx, or Mickey?

Oh please give your poor puppy a name!! After three months of getting to know him you still don’t have any ideas? I don’t know if I can help, I’ve always named my pups after something to do with the origin of their breed, but I don’t know much about labs. He needs a name though!

I personally love KC Jones…but I named our female bulldog Sniper Jones…and no our last name is not Jones…or anything close to it!

Petey was my friends dog and he was the best hunting dog ever.The bird didn’t even hit the ground yet and he was there waiting for it.I was shocked

i think since he is a hunting dog you should name him like eo or umm terminator or the annihalater plz dont anyone get offended i just think it would be cute to name him a name from someone in a movie!

Here are some:

Kendall ,or Ken Doll 🙂

I know it can be hard — I named my dog Herbie (or Herbert when he’s in trouble), not sure what kind of name you’re into – good luck!

something with hunting

our male weimaraner is Remington

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