If the economy doesn’t improve, should the presidential election be postponed?

If the econmy takes a nosedive, should the presidential election be postponed?

LMAO don’t give McCAIN any ideas .lmao

This has been a conspiracy theory I’ve heard, and though I find it to be pretty unimaginable, it still scares me a bit. I honestly believe that there is no way President Bush could pull it off. He isn’t popular at all, and he has kind of already checked out anyways.

Should it be postponed. No! No about as emphatically as I can say it. We need a new guiding force. The Bush administration is both so unpopular on both sides of the aisle that they are ineffective, and have proven that they are too stubborn to make things work optimally anyways. No! Either person simply not being George Bush will make them being at the helm as the leader of thier party and the leader of the country will be far more effective.

The states run the elections so you would have to get the states to postpone the election. This is unlikely to happen as it would cause a revolution.

edit:It doesn’t matter what happens the states hold all the cards no one in the federal government could stop an election. I am a Bush voter and I don’t know how to say it any more strongly it is not mechanicly possible for anyone in the federal government to postpone an election.

Absolutely not! The economy has been on a downward spiral for several years now. What would be accomplished by postponing the elections? Nothing! Let’s get it over with and put a man in there who has a positive, strategic plan to help move our economy forward. At this point a CHANGE is necessary- let’s bypass the b.s. and get busy!

Nope. That is like leaving the cEo of AIG in place after this crisis is straightened out. What would we be if we ran and hid everytime something major comes up. There is a reason that we have elected officials to discuss this matter. Definitely give your input to your congressman/congresswoman and let them know how you feel, but we can’t just pull the brakes on the process.

It is time for new leadership, much like the CEO’s on Wall Street need to be replaced.

Sort of like if somebody sets your house on fire, you should let him keep pouring oil onto troubled flames until it’s over?

I don’t envy the next president who will inherit the problems of the Bush Depression, only a fool would vote to continue the idiocy, not to mention the outright theft of another $700billion.
With the current rate of unemployment, that averages out to over $5,000 for every working person in the U.S.

It won’t be postponed. The economy rises and falls regularly, though this time it’s a real doozy. The R party will go out with egg on its face, and the D will face huge challenges in turning around the economy.

LOL, Although the economy is important a leader must be able to handle more then one task at a time.

McCain tried to undercut Obama and came out looking like a fool.

For what so that it can get worst. At least with the election we have a chance to put in someone that knows the difference between Micro and Macro economics. And it ain’t McCain, ask him:

Great idea. Let the leaders who drove the economy into the ground continue leading indefinitely. All they have to do is keep the recovery from happening and they will have permanent power.

Ha. No way. Postpone so we can keep Bush in the White House even longer? HA

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