Healthy weight of a long haired mini dachshund?

My father & I fight about the weights of our mini dachshunds.
Mine is a male almost 2 years old. He is 8.2 pounds.
His is a female 8 months old she is 12.4 pounds.

My father says I don't feed my dog enough. He is skin & bones. I refuse to take my dog to his house, because he is always feeding him. Cheese,…

Minis by their breed standard are supposed to be under 11lb. It is better to judge each dog individually however for doxies are is extremely crucial for their health to be average or slightly underweight rather than even a tiny bit overweight. You should be able to feel ribs fairly easily for an average weight. Your dad is only shortening his dog’s lifespan by spoiling & allowing dog to be overweight.

Sounds like yours is the correct weight. A dog is considered a Mini, when it’s 6-11 pounds by 1 year of age.

my male mini dachshund is 10 years old. He’s healthy and about 12 pounds but he used to weigh less when he was younger so your’s is probably fine. As long as your feeding him twice a day he’s fine. Hahah my dachshund likes eggs too! (scrambled)

8 to 11 pounds is a healthy weight for Miniature Dachshunds.

go to, and type in mini dachshunds. that will tell you the exact weight. and, if they are getting proper exercise, and get as much as the dog food bag says, then they should be fine.

depends on the individual dog

you should be able to feel, but not see the ribs.

Dogs are not made with cookie cutters.. one may be a healthy weight at 7 pds, another may be a healthy weight at 12 pds.

think they are supposed to be under 9 pounds for a female, have to google to check

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