Do people out there actually think God wants them to preserve America as “a Christian nation”?

I say preserve, because the people who may think this obviously think it already is, and therefore would be an act of preserving.

Like, do you think this is something God is REALLY concerned about? How exactly does one do this?

Where is Jesus, specifically mentioned, in the Constitution, The Declaration of…

Yes some people do but we as well as the government will never let them.

America is an experiment in theism, and specifically influenced by Judaism and Christianity. America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, says it is “self-evident” that we are “created” equal, and that we are “endowed by the Creator” with rights that no government can take away, but only secure. Thus, the claim of human rights is a direct implication of God’s providence.

Christians recognize that a vital goal is that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So the answer is yes, God wants us to not only preserve the Judaeo-Christian premise of America, but to extend it to more fully recognize human rights, for example, the right of the prenatal child to be protected from homicide.


All the time we honored God and prayed, our nation prospered and grew.
When we started to let those who do not want anything to do with God get him out of our schools and out of our lives, our nation started to decline in power and our country lost vietnam and now look at where we are. Going downhill faster than a speeding bullet. recession, unemployment, foreclosures, and it will get worse unless we bring God back into the picture.

He and His people are only looking for the Kingdom

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.
Psalm 89:17

Yes, there are people out there who believe that.

I know because I live with some of them. I’m not trying to be funny, either :<

thear is alot of good out there. And its worth fighting for. Practice the holy rosary, Practice makes perfect, We love you all, the holy family.

yeah,and what do those pesky jews have to say about all this . .you are one of the few who has seen through the conflation of ‘God’ with ‘Christian’ in much of public and intellectual life and discourse,and for that I award you that rarest of accolades,my approval . .arise,Sir . .

The apple of God’s holy eye is his Christian church. He does not care one whit for nations of men.

Okay what part of Of the People, By The People and For the People….do you not understand

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