Question about getting a room at a best western hotel?

Hi I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to get straight answers from anyone. Basically I'm trying to get a room with my boyfriend and we're both 19. His mom is going to be getting the room for us since there is an age requirement of 21 but we're unsure of what requirements there are to get…

Why not just get a hotel with an age requirement of 18 instead of 21? When me and my boyfriend need a night alone, we go to the Comfort Inn, which is nice and doesn’t have the 21 age requirement, instead it is 18. You could also try Hilton, I think they are also 18+.

And the process of getting a room that I use is: I call the hotel, and ask to reserve 1 room on _____ (date). They will ask if you want smoking/non-smoking, and what type of bed. Then they will ask your name and your credit card number, and tell you the rates. Also, they will explain check-in time. When you go to check in, bring your ID, credit card, all that and you’ll get the key.

Best Western Check In Age

My boyfriend and I got a room at a hotel, and we simply had my mom pay for it at the front desk. Call and reserve a room TODAY because otherwise it may be booked due to Valentine’s Day. Simply have his mom walk you both to your room, and then she can leave. Definitely have her return the key. If a hotel worker asks why you both are alone, (I doubt they will though), simply say you’re mom left for a bit. It’s as easy as that. Enjoy!

When I rented a room when i was under 21, I had my mother call and tell them I was going out of town without her. She used her credit card. I checked in myself. The hotel (Holiday Inn) didn’t care. They said if their were any damages to the room it would be charged to the credit card. I would try to be honest and see how it works. That way you don’t feel like you are hiding all weekend. If they won’t allow you to do that then I would lie my *** off. lol

Okay this is a bizarre question. Never heard of this before. His mom has to get the key for you? You are legal adults are you not? Maybe you should just wait til your married.

can’t you just pertend your name is the mom name ? or go to another hotel that will let you book a room the easy way ?

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