How can I approach my dad about these issues with my daughter?

I don't really know where to start, but I guess I'll start here. My dad is really quite embarrassing to me and acts like he was raised in a barn. I never really understood where that came from or how bad it was until the last few years since he's been single and since my grandmother's gotten older…

Omgosh. Andrew’s Stepfather does the same thing when he eats. And then he obnoxiously licks/sucks every one of his ten fingers clean after eating. I wanna vomit just thinking about it. All I can really say is THANK GOD they rarely come visit. LOL!

Im not sure how you could tell your Dad.. I dont think that you could politely comment on his eating habits without sounding rude. But as for him playing with the dogs then playing with Haley.. I would definitely speak up and ask him to wash his hands. Tell your husband to speak up too especially if these are things that he is seeing and you are not!!

This is a tuff one. I suppose its very major for her to grasp that that is grandpa easily acknowledged. You realize now a days unmarried mothers have many guys in there lives ( new boyfriends, dads, stepdads, grandfathers.) You realize my niece and my dad are very near. My father is her principal “father” determine. She is 3 and could be very positive that that is simply grandpa. She lived with him for the primary 2 years of her lifestyles. She adores him and likewise my sisters boyfriend. Lady it takes a village to elevate a baby. Anyone thats household must regularly (if near or fianancilly assisting you) be regarded as as a crew, in view that you’re unmarried. I suppose your daughter is fortunate. DOnt anticipate that she is going to react such as you to this main issue. She might love the entire guys in her lifestyles precisely the identical.

Well why I dont mean to sound harsh but why did you let him hadle her if he is sick.
he may be embarrassing but thats him i think u have to accpt it, but when its ur babys health then he needs to buck up, im sure being of his generation and being a man he has no idea and has not even thought about what he is doing. U dont have to be mean about it infact i think its possible to be gentle but firm just ask nicely for him to wash his hands after touching the dog and tell him if he is sick u dont want baby to be sick so please keep your distance if if need be exsplain to him that baby have a very week amune system.
some people just arnt bright enough to get the simple things and they need telling, may get your husband to gently tell himif you are that uncomfortable.

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