2004 Pontiac Grand Am Problems?

I have a 04 Pontiac Grand Am. Yesterday, I started my car and it started fine. It also drove fine. However, all the interior accessories didn't work: speedometer, odometer, radio, power windows, A/C, etc. The turn signals worked. After a few minutes, everything came back on. Recently, I've noticed that…

Clearly, Cuntry Boy has not had to diagnose very many computer problems before. A bad computer will often times allow a car to start and run normally for some time and then fail. In fact, it is a common diagnostic test to tap on a computer or even heat and cool it with an air gun while trying to pin down an intermittent computer. Without a wiring diagram I couldn’t tell you for certain, but it is possible that your car does indeed have a body control computer (BCM) that controls all the things you mentioned that are failing intermittently. That said, I suspect your problem may simply be a loose connection somewhere. I would be looking for loose main bus wires to the fuse box, bad body grounds and possibly a bad ignition switch.

Could be a faulty body control module, or a short somewhere because it sounds like you have a draw if your battery was dieing and now its not with these new sudden issues. Could be a cluster ignition theft module.. if it does start drawing power again get a multi meter and disconnect the postive cable hook one end up to the battery and another up to the cable and read the values, if its drawing too high with everything off have somebody pull the fuses and relays one by one until the value goes down to normal. By doing this you might narrow down your problem by being able to find out which electrical circuit is acting up. For example you take the radio fuse out and it drops put it back in and try disconnecting your radio… anyway good luck

Jumping a dead battery never fixes a problem particularly if you have to jump it more than once. I’ll bet you didn’t have a free load test done on the battery to check it’s reserve capacity. If this is the original AC-Delco battery stop whining and buy a new one.

The first person who wasted your time answering your question is definitely mechanically challenged in the automotive field. The motor would not have started and run normally if the computer was bad.

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Check all of the ground wires and electrical connections that you can. If you have access to an air compressor blow out the connections. Has there been a lot of rain in your area or high humidity? Do this before you have it scanned. If there is a bad connection you can end out getting a bunch af false codes and end out on a wild goose chase.

2004 Grand Am Problems

your computer is going bad, i suppose it could be fuses too,vtake it to an auto store, they will plug in a diagnostic tool for free….good luck

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