What would you name these 6 children?

Using my favourite names, what would you name 6 children? I've categorised the names. Obviously many of them could be in several categories, but I did my best to balance the numbers out.

If you don't know how to do these, all you have to do is pick a first name and a middle name from each list to use…

1. Harvey Ezra
2. Llewellyn James – I will forever love Llewellyn
3. Matilda Ruby
4. Calloway Jude – Calloway is adorable!
5. Saoirse Alice
6. Darcy Rowan – seriously, Caolan was suggested for a girl? *shudder*

Reilly Joshua

Nathan James

Sienna Madeleine

Liam Caleb

Saoirse Amelia

Hayden Jasper

1. Henry Oliver Rafferty
2. Ronan Atticus James
3. Clara Sienna Scarlett
4. Hugh Aubrey Jude
5. Isla Amelia Imogen
6. Darcy Jasper Schuyler

Henry Joshua
Nathan Atticus
Clara Bridget
Liam Elliot
Maeve Louisa
Emerson Rowan

Charlie Ezra
Nathan Lance
Sienna Scarlett
Liam Cian
Maeve Annabel
Emerson Fletcher

Reilly Joshua
Lachlan Rhys
Georgia Scarlett
Leo Elliot
Caitlin Eleanor
Darcy Schuyler

Henry Luca
Flynn James
Georgia Charlotte
William Elliot
Aoife Eleanor
Emerson Schyler

Riley Luca
Ronan James
Sienna Ruby
Leo Jude
Aoife Amelia
Caolan Rowan

Finley Oliver
Declan Rhys
Clara Grace
Avery Jude
Aoife Amelia
Hayden Fletcher

Henry Joshua
Nathan James
Freya Grace
Leo Elliot
Niamh Amelia
Hayden Jasper

Riley Ezra
Nathan James
Sienna Grace
Avery Jude
Saoirse Isobel
Hayden Brook

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