Ladies and Men Survey:- Do you have one…?

Bewbie bigger than the other?

Yes – one reaches my waist and the other reaches my knees.

Hey Onyx 🙂

The bewbies look about the same, don’t really know how to measue properly though

Need some help!

Mine are even I believe Onyx..
Naughty of Steve UK..lmao

Oh god hun, I was actually typing this afternoon, and while glancing down, realized my left one is significantly bigger than the right…I’m starting to feel lopsided….

Nope, they are exactly the same. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m 38 and they are still FIRM & PERKY!

Sort of

Anyone who claims they don’t is either not very observant, a liar, or an android.

I don’t think so.. Should I weigh them individually?

Nope i only have iccle nips hun….

i cant notice it they look pretty much the same lol now i have to stop looking at my boobs lol

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