Chance a College-Bound Kid :D?

Hi! I'm a rising HS senior, and I really want to know my chances for the schools below. Based on the stats I have below, do I have any chance of getting in?

Harvard (Yeah I know it's a crapshoot)
Houston Baptist University
University of Houston
UT Austin
University of…

You have a really good GPA, which will definitely help you. You are pretty much in at Rice, Houston Baptist, University of Houston, and UT Austin. Good ranking, seems like you have taken rigorous classes. Your SAT score is good, but to be UPenn, MIT, Harvard competitive you will definitely need a 2250+. SAT IIs seem to be good so far, although Math I isn’t the best choice (but you are taking 4 so, it shouldn’t matter). You might think about retaking the ACT too if you plan to send both scores.
Your extracurriculars are decent, nothing that really is outstanding though. I think you will have a good shot at UPenn and University of Chicago. No one gets into harvard though! haha, just kidding, but for Harvard your SAT scores will have to improve a lot, and even then it is all luck.

btw, middle eastern is counted as white on the common app.

I’m in the same boat as you… HS seniors wanting to do something with premed and neuroscience really interests me. Harvard and MIT are on my list too. I’m from the Boston area so I’m looking at other schools around here as well. I don’t know much about college admissions myself but I think that different colleges look for different things. Don’t limit yourself as to which ones you apply to because you never know what may happen. You have very good academics and a lot of extracurriculars. That is always good. Colleges take it all into consideration and accept students for various reasons. It’s hard to tell. Make sure you visit as many campuses as you can get to too. That may help you eliminate some. I went to one and hated it and it was one of my top ones I was going to apply to. Anyways, keep researching, visit and don’t be afraid to apply and see what happens. Good luck with your search and getting into the one of your choice! I’m sure you’ll be fine seeing as what you described above. Hope this helped some!!

You pretty much have a guaranteed acceptance at UT, University of Houston, and Houston Baptist University.

You also look like you have a very good chance at Rice, UPenn, and Chicago.

But really, college admissions are very random, so don’t have your mind set based on peoples predictions

“Not white, not African-American, not Indian, not Hispanic, not Oriental Asian” Why mention all the categories you don’t belong to instead of the category you identify with?

Your SAT is low and keeping you out of the competitive school. Make sure each of these schools have your intended major (I’ve never seen a cognitive science major).

I don’t care what you are. I am curious as to why you would mention ethnicities that you aren’t.

Wow. That’s impressive. Too bad none of this will ever matter in your lifetime.. Do yourself a favor; unless you want to spend the rest of your life paying off a ridiculous amount of debt, go learn a trade. Forget college, its a waste of time and money. Take a look at this.…

I think you could go to any of thoes schools 🙂

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