Canadian/Israeli dual citizen travelling to Israel with Canadian passport?

I am Canadian and always lived in Canada, but my father was born in Israel, thus making me an Israeli citizen – which means I need an Israeli passport to go to Israel.

Within the past few weeks, I have visited the Israeli consulate twice
here in Toronto. I tried to go get my Israeli passport renewed, but

So you went to that office on Monday although it was clear that they were open on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
So everyone there is an …antisemite, right?

Gentile advice: Go back on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So, my answer to you is, come here and read all the answers I usually post and you might learn a few things.
Click here

Do you see what I mean?

bye bye

Renew Israeli Passport

To answer you
I would not lie, but what you can do is travel to Israel on your Canadian passport and have the expired with you in Israel and renew while you are there.Sometimes they are sticky with passport renewals if you are under 24 years old, because of the army, so call the consulate and find out more.
good luck

i think canadians/usa can visit without a travel visa, google it

i’d also the call the israeli consulate and ask for the counsel general
make an appointment to visit him/her and bring your canadian passport and your israli plus print out the page on the internet about renewing your passport

Shalom Aleichom, I travelled utilising my Algerian passport and have been given an, Israel visa stamped to my Algerian passport. i in my opinion enjoyed Israel and the persons there have been warmth and exquisite. I converted to Judaism and am at present very overjoyed to be living in Israel. precise it extremely is how I flew to Israel from Algiers Algeria. you need to fly from Algiers to Paris France via way of Air France Paris France to Tel Aviv (Israël) via way of Air France From paris France to Tel Aviv (Israël) it may value you approximately 563 € And flying from Algiers to Paris France ought to cost you approximately € a hundred and twenty to € 342 euros visa air France London to Tel Aviv Yafo for £264.10 which could be maximum decrease priced for you. on the grounds which you reported you’re flying from Algeria you will ought to prefer to fly to the united kingdom. Air Algiers flys to the united kingdom. Algiers (ALG) to London ought to cost you approximately £3 hundred so the whole value with this flight could be £564 Shalom Aleichom i’m hoping you anjoy your stay.

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