Do you remember when you used to flip coke or Nehi orange bottle caps by snapping your fingers?

Just struck me about those days!

I do remember doing that! Kind of the ancestor of pong, I guess. But what I really miss is the Nehi orange and grape that those caps come from. There is nothing now to compare with that cold tangy flavor that bit your tongue on a hot day. I actually bought a Nehi orange not too long ago, somewhere, but it is made with hi-fructose corn syrup now and it was just sticky sweet. What a disappointment!

I could never get the hang of flipping the cap but boys seem to major in the subject. Competition was fierce.

What we used to do was pry the cork lining out and make badges by putting the cap in the fronts of out shirts and fitting the cork back in from the back of the shirt. You hardly get bottle caps anymore, and they don’t put cork in them. It just doesn’t look right for little kids to go around with beer caps on their shirts!

Yes I remember those days I still do with Beer Tops!!!
I let me tell You I can nail you at 25 ft or Less right in the Eye!!!

Hey your telling our age on us! Yes, I used to do it like most of us guys did back “then”. But then we also had the Lone Ranger, Red Rider, and Whip Wilson. I still enjoy the old song, “Do You Remember These?” Well yes I do!

Thanks for another forgotten memory…..

Yes and I broke a lot of fingernails that way. Guess that is why they invented bottle openers.

Never could get the hang of that and could’nt skip rocks on water either.

Yes, I remember that Wally!!!! My favorite drink was 2-Way and I’ll bet nobody remembers that pop!!!!!!!!!

Those suckers would really whizz — more fun than spit balls.

(globe — those badges were really a big deal — had forgotten about those)

nah… my fingers were never big enough!!! my horse loved grape soda’s! Always had to get 2, one for him one for me!… he would take mine if I didn’t get him one!!

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