Is the U.S. fighting a war against radical Islam or not?

The Fort Hood shooter, the Christmas Day bomber, the Times Square attacker. On May 13, the following exchange occurred at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee:

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.): Do you feel that these individuals might have been incited to take the actions that they did because of radical…

The war is against radical Islam (or, to be more precise, radical Islamism as an ideology), but the government is attempting to cover this fact up with vocabulary policing, apparently in an attempt to win over opinion in the world’s 57 Muslim countries – an endeavor that is, I submit, unlikely to succeed. Although the administration and its acolytes might justify this practice in the name of “diversity,” or “tolerance,” I would unequivocally state that I consider what the government is doing to be nothing short of cowardly – and, frankly, foolish to boot.

This is no more a war against terrorism than World War II was a war against the “blitzkrieg.” Or, to put it another way, neither war was fought against a particular tactic. The ideologies we fought in World War II were Nazism, fascism and Japanese militarism; today, we fight against radical Islamism in both its Sunni and Shiite manifestations. Aside from the fact that many in the goverment are guilty of allowing fear of radical Islamist reaction to dictate what vocabulary is used (and the consequences of this “political correctness” are potentially very deadly), we in America (indeed, we in the Western world as a whole) are guilty of dereliction of duty regarding defending ourselves to the extent that do not take a close look at what the underlying ideological factors are – and the verses in Islamic scripture that are used to justify terrorism. To not do that is foolish in the extreme, because to not take the enemy’s modus operandi into account is to operate with wool pulled over the eyes.

One thing I loved about George Bush was that he didn’t have a problem calling a spade a spade. Axis of Evil was a very good name for Radical Islamic Muslims. Islam itself is a conquering religion.
You can’t separate Islam’s religion from Islam’s politics or Islam’s military. Islam will not put on uniforms and fight because they are all cowards that hide behind women and children.

Not only has this administration banned from its vocabulary Radical Islam, but they take pride in bowing to Saudi Arabia. Since when has oil made America a whore? The strongest nation in the world bowing to a piss ant country like Saudi Arabia. Enough is Enough!!!

Edit: We are definitely fighting a war against Radical Islam. And the Islamic civilians are our enemies also. They feed, hide and protect Islam which is the same as being our enemy.

No. Obama is fighting the wars for the old fashioned reason of making the corporations rich and lining the pockets of himself and the other corrupt politicians. These are never ending wars with no winning in the plan. Just keep killing US soldiers until the American people put a stop to it. Democrats are famous for these types of wars.

Every country and society has their extremists. Look at some of the answers you’ve already got. Look at some of the crazies from U.S. history. The truth is that most People in any culture are peace loving good hearted folks. Unfortunately, lots of those same People are weak willed and rather dim witted, easily corrupted or distracted. Education can defeat divisions and hate. Don’t let hate/fear propaganda ruin your day.

Oil is one of the factors but yeah, were fighting against terrorists. It seems like 9/11 was the last straw that broke the camels back and we just waged full war against them. Its just taken so long because theyre so hard to weed out, it seems like 6 out of every 10 civilians, man women and children, are terrorists but we dont know until they show up asking for candy from a soldier with a grenade behind their back.

The US is fighting for control of the Middle East and its oil. The US has been conducting activites there for many years before 9/11.
The people being killed by american troops in the Middle East happen to be moslem, which is why the terrorists are all moslem.
If the US discovered oil in Northern Ireland and invaded there, the resulting terrrorists would be catholic.
Therefore it is not about religion, but about the people there not liking bombs landing on them.

mkendric, Yes, we are fighting jihadist, Islamist, and Islamic terrorism. Some people cannot see just what is going on. All they can see is the effects of the terrorism and don’t understand the cause. I don’t know if they just refuse to see or they are blind to the problem.

It’s called A Crusade and only day historians will number it as the last one that was ever needed.

Adam Lanza, Jason Dalton, Dylann Roof, etc. are also attacking American citizens, should we be at war with people like them as well?

nope it’s Iraq for the Oil Afganistan for the drugs

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