I have a new crystal/stone and need help identifying it, please help?

So it's transparent and mostly orange, the orange is kind of cloudy but only in some spots. It kind of looks like a colored moonstone, but there is a white part of it that goes into a light fuchsia color. Any ideas?
Here's photos…

This is the Religion section. Go away.

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This is the religion section… not geology/minerals.

@Additional Details
“This is also a spirituality section and crystals and stones are a powerful holders of power and energys for some religions like my own.”

In that case, it is a useless damn rock.

Minerals are not easily identified by color alone, you need to know things like the Moh’s hardness, specific gravity. flame color, fracture/cleavage, etc.

Likely some microcrystalline quartz like chalcedony.

Note on photography: Making the image larger by getting too close to the lens for it to focus doesn’t make the photo more detailed.

Attention idiots:

Wiccans and other pagans use various crystals in their practice. Do the tiniest bit of research before you run your mouths.

(Ahem) Sorry… looks like a citrine quartz to me.

A rock by any other name, is still a rock.

Where did you get that? πŸ™‚
I’m having gold dusts in my hands, too.
These may sound very unusual to a lot but it’s really happening nowadays. That God would let us witness His works upon us. I’m having gold dusts on my hand whenever I am very soaking with His presence! πŸ™‚

These links would surely help you! πŸ™‚

It looks like a citrine quartz.

The color is a bit unusual having that pink in it, but not that odd.

Jasper or Agate – it seems like it

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