Where were you when the twin tower collapse on September 11, 2001?

I just pulled out of the street my house is on and was going down the main street and was just about to stop at the stop light at the intersection. I was on my way to work. I had the radio on, as I always do on the news station and heard it and was stunned and could not believe it.

At Work

Working in a very busy furniture warehouse.
We didn’t have a radio or anything on, so as far as we knew, the first collision was weather-related.
By the time someone finally lined us in, the second tower was down!

I was working at home at the time, so I was sitting at my kitchen table drinking my second cup of coffee when my daughter called and told me to turn on the TV because something bad was happening in NYC.

at work

I was at home smoking a bowl watching the controlled demolition live on CNN.

Test driving a motorcycle.

In school


Do we need an alibi ?

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