Anyone else keep seeing question marks as people's usernames and…?

Avatars aren’t showing up? It’s really annoying.

yes, it is annoying me to death! It makes it hard to pick out contacts questions…

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggh !

This has been going on for about a week to ten days.
Funny thing was I thought it was the same user with a ? as nickname as I found that in 2 Questions.
Then rrealizedI could see the nickname and avatar if I went to profile the 2 were different.

Hope Yahoo clears this glitch soon.

Yes, I have for a few days.

EDIT…….Mine has a question mark half the time, I’m not a spammer. It just keeps doing that. Mine name on here is sugar and I do have a pic. So, no its not just spammers.

It’s been happening since yesterday… and I have no idea why. It must be a glitch of some sort… and I have this bug too, half and half. This is not spam… but a big buggy glitch.

But I wonder what caused it…

yes it is very annoying and whenever they have question marks they always say something mean

its been happening..all day yesterday and again today.
Yahoo gremlins at their best!

yes! just noticed!

yup i think is spammers

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