Ford mustang V6 vs bmw 135i?

Ford mustang V6 + mods vs bmw 135i
mustang V6 upgrade:
– bama race tune
– 3.31 gear ratio
– driveshaft aluminum
– swaybar & strutbar
– suspension tune
– sport bucket seat

I can tell you right away, a 3.31 rear end can not make up for the fact it is a V6, even with a Bama tune, it is STILL a V6. If you wanted it to keep up with a V8 or a 135i, it would need a 4.11 rear end and that would take away a ton of top end and make it HORRIBLE on the highway.

The 135i is a great all around car, way more luxurious on the inside and overall I think a better car. I have literally driven 20-30 different mustangs of different years and different engines and I have driven a couple V6’s with those or similar mods. You will want a 135i and will regret it if you don’t. Its like comparing apples to oranges!

do not buy a crappy v6 mustang only the new one is a 300 hp v6 that old pile of S gets complaints almost daily from people who realized their mistake too late and bought a nice looking car with a boat anchor for an engine. And they all want to swap. Problem is it cost more than the dang car is worth to swap another engine in. If you want a Sports car buy a bmw either one of these cars are old or in the 100 thousand mile range keep your money save it hold onto it and buy a newer nicer car. There are thousands of old high mileage cars out there dealers keep selling overpriced crap. its just not worth it to buy some worn out old pile of junk ok?
Do what you gotta do but get a v8 mustang or a bmw with expensive imported parts just make sure they are new enough to have some miles left on the clock would ya why spend time repairing old high mileage junk? At the very least do a cold start test drive so you know what the vehicles is like from being stone cold to freeway ready any car that cannot get up to freeway speed in the first 5 to 7 minutes when cold is not a good car. spend an good 40 minutes to an hour driving it make sure your butt likes the seat and that the car runs as good as it looks. check all the things with levers or knobs and make sure the heater and windshield wipers do their job And after that take it to a mechanic and let him have it these are the two things most people skip the test drive and the mechanical inspection and its 2 things nobody can afford not to do. best of luck have patience and don’t buy the first wreck you see. look for the jewel in the desert not a dealer lot car but one owned by an older retired person a private party who took care of his baby is what your looking for good luck

Bmw 335i Vs 135i

325i (2012)
0-60 4.6 seconds 1/4 mile 13.1
Mustang (2011 stock)
0-60 5.3 1/4 mile 13.8
Mustang (2013 stock)
0-60 5.1 1/4 mile 13.7
I don’t think your modifications can make up the difference of about .5 seconds, but maybe a early shift by the BMW would spell its doom.

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