Indian Cricketers VS Bollywood Stars?

Hello guys i like both indian cricket and bollywood movies but i want to know that…
1.Which stars earn most?
2.Who is most famous in india an actor or cricketers?
3.Who has most power in whole India a cricketer or bollywood actor?
Plz give answer with reasons and why they are?

1. As per some recent news, Akshay Kumar is the highest paid actor.…

2. It depend on personal opinion of the people. I believe the cricketers are more popular.

3. Cricketers like Tendulkar and Dhoni have more fan following and are more powerful celebrities.

Indian Cricketers = Bollywood Stars

1.Akshay Kumar followed by Saalman Khan
2.Actor- Salman Khan followed by SRK Cricketer-Sachin Tendulkar followed by MSS Dhoni
3.I think cricketers

Saalman Khan

salu bhai


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