Does this make me an Obama “ditto head”? (IE someone who follows him blindly)?

Considering I have spent a good amount of time researching his postions and agree with most of them.
For example: I agree with his tax policy which would give a majority of Americans more relief than McCain's plan.
I agree that our involment in Iraq has strained our military and left us more vulnerable.

Absolutely not. If you have researched the issues and made an intelligent decision based on how you feel about the issue as compared to what he is saying about them, that is not following blindly. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will agree with the candidate of their choice on every issue. You choose based on the closest match to your feelings about the issues.

Not at all…

I don’t think “mindless” followers are the norm but they do seem plentiful (for each candidate) on Yahoo Answers.

If you’ve looked into your candidate, know their negatives and acknowledge and accept them and you truly believe they’ll deliver and aren’t just pandering… then that’s an educated vote and we need more of those in elections.

That’s not how most people vote though.

No. If you were a mindless Obama follower you wouldn’t have researched him. I do not particularly care for him, but if you do like him and have actually researched him then more power to you. At least you want him for him, not because that is the “cool” or “accepted” thing to do. Good for you!

obviously if you are researching your candidate before voting for him you are not mindless. a follower you are indeed, but a mindful one. you’d only be a ‘obamabot’ or ‘ditto head’ if you didn’t know any of his positions or proposed policies, yet decided to vote for obama. it would mean you were voting based on his slogan or charming good looks.

if anyone calls you a ‘ditto head’… you do this:
1. briefly explain some obama’s policies and plans for change you like.
2. ask them why they have chosen their candidate (this will put them in their place, because if they are voting mccain they most likely don’t know anything about him- or they wouldn’t be voting for him)
3. refute any of their mccain points with ‘obama’s plan is better because’

i have found that most mccain supporters don’t know anything about their candidate and this embarrasses them for calling you an ‘obama’ name.

No . . . I might consider a few of your political views a bit naive – LOL – but you seem to be following a candidate for logical reasons. I’d say you are far ahead of most of the Obamabots here.

look, there are people on here, who like to act as if though there poop does not stink, when actually, it reaks worse than anyones, you should not allow their petty name calling to get to you, instead, let them look ignorant, and educate others about what you know about your candidate, Barack Obama, so that when others come onto this site, who are uneducated about the political process they can see the republicans acting like children, and the democrats actually stating facts, and thereby make an educated decision on who to vote for. Good luck, and God Bless. May Barack Obama not only win it in 2008, but may he as well help to turn this back into a free nation!!!!!!!!!

all the Obama fans I know are the exact same way…

Rush seems to have put out the idea that Obama fans don’t know about the candidate… and it seems to have “caught fire”…

yet Obama fans consistently had the most education in most primaries…

I keep hearing about the “Obama bots” yet have never met one?

odd… who’s following blindly again?

Just don’t snort oxycontin until it makes you go deaf, ok?

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