Are They A “Terrorist State”?

This is the history of American government………
HE has no right to kill more than 1 million innocent Iraqis……..

3,000,000 Vietnamese People murdered over 30years of US Aggression

Well over 300,000 Japanese massacred when the US dropped nuclear bombs on the urban civilian areas of Nagasaki and…

The U.S.A killed over 8 million Vietnamese, on some occasions they used a new half-nuclear bomb on refugee camps killing hundreds of thousands.

They killed 180,000 Angolans

15,000 Libyans in just three nights of bombing

50,000 Chileans when they back General Pinochet to overthrow the elected communist leader, Salvador Allamandez who was then arrested by the CIA and shot dead 40 times.

300,000 Afghans in the first three weeks of bombing civilian areas after 9/11

147,000 Palestinians or native Arabs in Israel in 1948.


They are supporting terror states like Israel, Colombia, Mexico etc… on their own people.

The U.S.A has gone to two illegal wars in 7 years. And have killed a massive 4 million Iraqis since allowing Saddam to power, giving him WMD, sanctions and this occupation.

The U.S.A and other permenant security posts are terrorists. But these countries have legitamised their terrorism under two things.

1. An army or airforce that is allowed to murder, rape and steal

2. That they make the rules and control all media and all governments and no one will question.

This is a good question, and needs to be really addressed in the United Nations.

That’s the way that Propaganda works. They try to frame public opinion by using different buzzwords to portray the same picture from different perspectives. Bush’s grandpa funded Hitler and his daddy ran the CIA. Bush knows all about how to use propaganda. The PKK has been attacking Turkish civilians in Turkey with American weapons that were funnelled to them. Even the puppet government of Iraq considers the PKK to be a terrorist organization.

i guess America have done like most other countries of Europe in the past,cant judge
but sure i can say they earned so many enemies in the proses

Has Mark A ever smiled or laughed?

America is the most hostile country in the world.
What you are descibing is their form of democracy.
It`s a new form called you do what I say or die.
Isn`t that exactly why they had Saddam killed.
It`s one law for the Biblical Beast and another for the rest of the world.

A country built on murderers can`t be expected to be any diferent..!!

I support some of those actions.
For example the Atom bombs helped shorten World War two and caused fewer lives to be lost than would have occured in a land invasion (the alternative option).
On balance America’s influence on world affairs has been hugely positive and America is always generous in victory. Look at how America supported Germany and Japan after World War two.
It’s perverted to draw comparisons between American millitary victories, usually in the name of progress and the idiotic and barbaric acts of terrorists who blow themselves up on trains, planes and automobiles.

I smell FEAR in you.

The vast majority of the Iraqis killed were not innocent…in fact, they weren’t even Iraqi…..many of them were Syrian, Saudi and Iranian. And the world is better off without them. You’ve been reading too much Time Magazine, pal.

The US has no intention of killing anyone. While we are talking about innocence, I suppose you will tell me that those 19 brain dead zombies you call martyrs were conducting a just war when they plowed into the Pentagon, the Pennsylvania countryside and, last but not least, the World Trade Center? I am praying for the day when we have another President like Ronald Reagan who would do what had to be done, and then tell us what had been done. And, I’m especially tired of reading Islamic BS that is an obvious cut and paste from some left wing publication.

Frankly, you sound like a burned out, worn out Soviet-era dupe for the nonaligned movement. I hope that someday you will wake up out of this imam-induced stupor you call Islam and realize that people of all faiths, including Americans, seek nothing but to live in peace as you also wish to do.

how many people did the japanese massacre, before they got a dose of their own medicine.

You certainly have been studying hard today,
does it amount to the same as the, Nazis, British, Spanish, Japanese etc they have all killed and maimed over the centuries, you can go back through generations of wars and battles, I am not to sure of the point you are trying to make, why just mention the Americans, compared to the rest of the world are they really any different? its all about power and always has been, I think you are wrong to pinpoint the Americans only, take a good look at our own history!

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