Ugh. I’m 14 and i want to move out. help?

Ok. This time i want answers please. I don’t want everybody telling me stuff like “its normal for teens your age” “You will regret it when you’re older” etc. i got that and most of you have no idea what happens here.

Anyways. I am 14 and want to move out of my parents home and i have someone, over 18, who is…

Well don’t run away because you will end up in juvi.

Talk to a counselor at school… and if there is a way that you can choose to move with the approval of a court you will most likely be put in foster homes again until this friend of yours can obtain custody.

It seems impossible… and scary… and I know how you feel because I was in the same predicament too. I never “got out” but I guess you could say… I’m blunt and a ***** and don’t take no **** – even from my mama. I was beat and so was my mom and she would get with men who were controlling and drug addicts or alcoholics (or all three) and so I was picked on a lot by them and my mom would take up for them so she could still have someone.

If you suspect a camera in your room you should look for little holes. Cover them up with tape and write down everywhere that you have found a hole (like a map) and keep checking the holes everyday to see if any tape is missing. If there is cover the hole again and see if someone pulls it off again. That might help. If you find that this happens you should call the law immediately if possible and tell them there is a camera in your room. THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL!! It is not illegal for someone to put cameras in their house… but if your dad is making videos of your undressing on the computer it is a FELONY and he will be put in prison for that. By the way… even if he were to delete everything from teh computer, thru computer forensics they are able to bring up everything that has EVER been done on there.

If your dad was not convicted of molestation there may not be anything you can do without having his confession taped or have him confess. Either way if this is something that can be verified in any way – you have more of a chance to get out of there.

Keep your guard up. Change your clothes with the light off or go to the bathroom. It amazes me at how many people don’t realize such things DO happen… I could tell you some stories.

If you just leave, you can be classified as a runaway, and if the police get involved, things can get ugly. There is not much you can do on your own without getting child protective services involved, but if things are really as bad as you say, this may be a good thing. Even though CPS and the foster care system have some problems, there are still many, many good, caring social workers and foster parents out there, if you decide to go such a drastic route. It still might be better than staying where you are.

Staying with an unrelated person will cause more trouble than you want to deal with. Is there a relative you can talk to who may let you stay at his or her house?

If you think there is a camera, I suggest you do a thorough search of your room so you can avoid it, though like it or not, at 14 you are not guaranteed the right to privacy in your parents’ house. I know that’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.

Good luck, stay strong.

That is called sexual harassment and take your parents to court for it. If you can’t do that, then you’re not telling the truth about everything because if you are honestly being abused like that then you need to call the police and take it to court. You need to be in a better home. That is my advice, the same thing happened to me but my little thing is don’t go into someones house that is an 18 year old, pick someone older because I did it and well I screwed up one times in the guys eyes and he didn’t like me anymore and he wouldn’t keep my anymore or marry me. It’s just one piece of advice!

Hm i say go surf the web for some safe foster care places, enless you know this 18 year old be really careful! Or if you can go to a family member save up for money etc… be careful! but be sure to get some help, if it gets to bad call the police! And in the mean time try to avoid them as much as you can! For safty!

Maybe you need to talk with another adult you trust and respect, who is a neutral party – like a school guidance counselor.

You could also call children’s protective services and make an appointment to talk with someone there.

If you feel your home situation isn’t safe or proper for you, then you deserve to have the freedom to move.

over 18 could be a rape charge waiting to happen
you can go in to the foster care system!
the camera in your room in not invasion of your privacy it’s not your house

You can file to be emancipated from your parents if you’re really serious.

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