My dad won the lottery he's going to give me £3.5M, what should I do now?

My dad won the lottery and he has put £3,500,000 into my account today. What does a 24yr old male do now? I'm kind of happy and mostly scared. I have no girlfriend or friends. It's going to be boring on my own. If I meet a girl do I mention I'm rich? Or will she just use me? I'm a virgin too….

With that amount of money you should really think about getting into the property market, then when you do meet someone they will be impressed that you already own a house at the age of 24. Having your own house also means as many parties as you want without anyone telling you what to do and its a place for you and your friends (when you get some) to hang out! And if anything at-least you know you’ll have a roof over your head and will be secure for the future.
if that’s not what you want then buy a car, perfect for getting a girlfriend if not invest parts of your money into up and coming company’s/businesses! -this is a good way to build on top of what you already own and make more money.

J, you shouldn’t brag about stuff like this, you will get more friends if you do . . . of the wrong sort or type. Don’t tell any girlfriend of your furtune, let them want you for yourself and not what you can give them financially. by letting on you will be asking for trouble, people will be after you just for your money. Ok so you can afford to give friends financial help here and there because your interest will cover it but then you can fall into the trap of having to give your so called friends your money just to keep them as friends. These ae not the right sort you should be keeping. I have a few multi millionaire friends (honest) and I would never dream of encroaching on their wealth, I see or talk to them every week sometimes several times and go out with them, but I pay my own way which sometimes annoys them, but they know I want none of their wealth only friendship.
Good luck and congratulations. Just take care matey.

Wow, congrats. I can tell you what I’d do if I had that money. Invest a portion of it in something that would guarantee a return. Buy a nicer vehicle and a modest house. Travel abroad and learn about the world. I might even help some people in need along the way! Good luck and have FUN!!!

• You might want to sort out the virginity thing. Don’t mention the dough.
• Buy a house and put most of the remainder into “sensible” investments.
• Splash out with a certain amount. Decide on that amount before any splashing commences.

• Don’t blow the whole lot by Xmas 2012.

Don’t give anyone your money. They are most likely going to use you. If it is possible, try to hide the fact that you have just inherited 3,500,000 in money. Though it sounds harsh it’ll be worth it. Plus, don’t spend your money recklessly. Maybe invest in paying off your mortgage, maybe putting some away for your retirement. Hope I helped 🙂

Try to get some more friends and a girlfriend. But don’t mention straight away that you’re rich or they may use you. Just talk to them first and let tbem get to know you. If they don’t like you at first, don’t tell them you’re rich. But if these friends/girlfriend likes you before you say and treats you the same after you tell them/her and doesn’t mention it too much, then you know that they like you for who you are

Is this story a windup, if your dad really won the lottery I dont think you would have the time to actually come on yahoo answers and advertsie this I think you would have much better things to be doing – yes you do sound very confuded

Buy a ticket to space on virgin galactic. Save some money and invest it. Use some to go out and make friends. Tell a girl you have money after she knows you as a person.

That’s a lot of money. If I were you I would put that in a bank. As for the dating, never mention you,re rich, she most likely WILL use you. Only mention your money if you know without a doubt that she won’t abuse it.

you don’t know what to do?! get a euro rail pass and travel for a couple months. chances are you will lose your virginity at the same time. but remember, if you’re going to dip it, equip it. Have fun kid. and no, don’t tell people you are rich.

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