According to reports Kerry Wood will be heading to the Cubs. Your thoughts & will this help the Cubs?

It depends on which Kerry Wood they get.
If they get the one who was pretty awful with the Indians, it could get ugly.
But if they get the one that went 2-0 with an ERA of 0.69 in 24 games with the Yankees, it will be a tremendous move.
The bottom line is that the Cubs really do need a setup man for Marmol, While they have had a few guys show sparks of brilliance in the eighth inning, it has been sort of a crap shoot for them. And the move would allow them to move Cashner into the rotation where he belongs.
I’m all for taking the chance.

What the hell? I know Wood has had some glory years in Chicago, but I really don’t understand why the Cubs insist on bringing in so many aging players.

Last year the Cubs sucked because they were spending tens of millions on aging has-beens like Derek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, Ted Lilly, Aramis Ramirez, and Rick Dempster. Then the season ended, and they got rid of Lee and Lilly. It looked like they were finally going to try to rebuild with younger players.

But then they went out and signed 32 year old Carlos Pena. And now Wood. I think their GM must have some sort of fetish for middle-aged men. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

I could see that. The Cubs have gotten rid of Milton Bradley, Lou Pinella, Carlos Zambrano, it’s time to rebuild. I could see the Cubs being competeive in a few years time.

Wood started out looking like Roger Clemens. He was going to be the next big thing in MLB winning rookie of the year. Unfortunately, his career never fulfilled the promise of that rookie season. He had his moments and was a great strikeout pitcher early in his career. Unfortunately, he started out looking like a potential Hall of Famer and now has me questioning if he can even get a vote to make the ballot.

I’m surprised the Yankees aren’t resigning him with the success he had last year being the set-up man for Rivera.

I can’t see why he wouldn’t help the Cubs unless he gets injured again.

that sucks for the Cubs, Wood isn’t the same guy he used to be. He wasn’t great when we had him in Cleveland I hope he goes back to doing well for the Cubbies though.

I think his better days are behind him and it probably wouldnt help the Cubs at all

Wood is a better choice than Mark Prior.
But can he help? Maybe as a setup reliever.
Might be worth the contract.

Whats there to think about? His better days are way behind him.

Thank God Minaya got the ax, or he’d be with the Mets, oh, excuse me, he’s white, Minaya would have never done that.

sadly the cubs will need more than him!! also the 10 million for carlos pena????

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