Do you have any ideas for stopping the oil well leak?

I do. Stuff that sucker fulla cats. Could work, we'll never know 'till we try.

I got one in mind already, but his dental work may be too wide for the pipe.

*looks down*
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See, there’s 10 plagues of Egypt. You know, boils, frogs, locusts, death of livestock, etc etc.

Then, there’s Sheila. You’re in some really serious trouble now, sir.

I propose sending Oprah and Jared Fogel from Subway in a doomed submarine. Foomp.

Why is this problem happening to the United States. Could it be the oil restrictions? They would not have been taking such risks of drilling in such deep water if drilling near the shore, or on land was not off limits. How is it the Venezuela, Saudi Arabia can drill oil without this problem? The proof is that enviromental regulations in the USA are less effective than no regulations. The fact is it is amazing that BP can drill a well a mile below the ocean surface. All everyone else can do is complain. Much more oil seeps into the ocean each year in the gulf naturally than what will leak from this well. If the oil is not used to fuel our economy, it will just seep out and create greenhouse gases with no benefit to us. Beaches in Santa Barbara, Californa are always covered in tar from natural seeps. This is the same for many beaches in the gulf. In the 1800s, when the world used horses for transportation, and the power for everthing the world was drowning in horse manure.

I think Dead Parrot is onto something – only use several pipes (leading to different ships or containers) with a surrounding cap (like several bendy straws in the top of a fountain drink). And make sure you stop the earth from spinning cuz that just keeps it all shook up and spewy.

On the Wendy Williams show, she said that she heard that hair can stop it. She said that there should be a place where people can drop off old wigs, etc.. and then it be used to stop the problem. Couldn’t hurt to try, right?
Oh, and by the way, “How You Doing?”

A dozen or more of inflatable ballon like things made out of extra strong materiall. Fish them all dow each with a powerfull compressor attached by hose, then inflate them all at once. Follwed by concrete ????

BP should hire Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris knows how to kick a** and stop environmental disasters.


drill multiple wells near the leak and pump out as mutch oil as possible reducing the pressure that the oil comes out of the break

Cats seems like a reasonable solution

I was going to offer you my backside but seeing that you’re threatening harm to one of my funniest contacts, the deal’s off.

@Crash: Let me know if you need help luv. I know a really good vet who specialises in sterilising puppies……….

Edit: If I’m going down Pup, you’re coming with me!

i saw a e-mail the other day of 2 red neck cooks putting hay into a pot of water and oil and it soacked straight up with no trace of oil

how much hay is available

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