Is God White? Black? Asian? Mexican? Jew? Arab? etc?

And is God Male or Female?
or he has no gender? and has no ethnicity?

by definition God is everything so God is no thing, nothing

God’s ethnicity is only implied through Jesus, his son, as Jewish Semitic White(Jews and the closely related Arabs are Semitic White). God never had a specified gender-King James’s translators, being a male dominated society, interpreted ’Ĕlāh, the Aramaic name for God, to mean male. King James-Genesis1:27- “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” – let the Bible speak for itself.


If God was a s/he, ethnicity, black etc then he cease’s to be God, as ONLY his creation are of such…

God (Allah in arabic) Is the One and Only, He does not begot nor is he begotten, and there is nothing like him..

He is imageless, he is the magnificent, the all giving, the most powerful, the most compassionate..


I love James Cone’s comment that we need to stop picturing Jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed honkey. I like two things about this quote: 1) it recognizes that Jesus would have looked like everyone else in the region, and 2) it recognizes that we don’t need to be considering things like race and gender when it comes to God. They are manufactured means of identification, and in all reality do not matter when standing before the Almighty Creator.

The Quran answers this “There is nothing like God, yet he is all-seeing and all-hearing”

The “he” is out of language expediancy. We dont believe God has a gender or is a plural.

Like a mirror, God reflects back to the perceiver whatever the perceiver expects to see.

None of the above he is spirit pure love and white light energy.

Hello ,

Well what is that question ! as religions say he is spirit so he doesn’t have any gender but i think in my mind he is a Male.


We all think about a white man right? Santa looking type? Hang on, if you believe in God you must believe in Santa as well…

make ready for teh “god is a spirit” speech

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