Is this another Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the making? Should illegals be scared of him?

Sheriff Gobble: Illegal Immigration
by Bradley County Sheriff Tim Gobble
posted July 24, 2009
Illegal immigration remains a hot-topic issue all over the country. It’s important to separate those who come here from other countries through legal channels…

Here’s the part I like.

“Elected officials have a duty and responsibility to listen to you. This government still belongs to “the people.” As always, I will continue to do my part to represent your interests and make government work for you.”

As long as we still govern our elected officials, and we continue to say no, then this is how the country should be run.

I also recall a petition in the works to actually have our Federal government do their jobs, and be productive for the U.S. and her citizens. I believe that a similar petition should be used for our state and local elected officials. That includes our state and local government agencies.

Sounds like we have a person who isn’t scared to enforce the laws. No matter what people try to say, immigration isn’t just a Federal problem it’s a state one as well. Good job Bradley County Sheriff’s Office!

This is the attitude ALL law enforcement agencies need to have.
This is what the majority of US citizens want to happen.
If all agencies worked together there would be no illegal aliens in the US.

We need more People in law enforcement like this Man. I say he when he is done being Sheriff he needs to be elected to the Senate or Congress of his State.

Goooooo Sheriff Tim….

Funny advocates for illegals want to rewrite the laws so they are suitable to them and at the same time Mexico is pleased with the outcome seems to be the goal.

You know, I can’t stress enough of what I feel about this unconstitutional way of treating illegal aliens. Yes, they are illegal. Yes, SOME of them use social services, BUT most states require a SSN in order to receive any kind of benefits. Yes, they want to bring in family members once they get settled here, and see how nice the good life is (even if the good life to them is something totally different than what an American would see of it…a decent living quarters, a decent, sometimes, even minimal amount of money coming into the family) But they replenish all, and more of what social services they use in their duration of stay, all depending on how long it is before they get deported. Again, I have said this several times, they provide this form of a ghost tax source, that provides our government with several more millions of dollars every year. Yes, with all other good families illegally coming here, comes a few very bad ones. That is logically going to happen. If the policies were to change in some kind of way to make it even a little faster and easier, to get processed into our LEGAL immigration system, most of those BAD people would be filtered out. It just takes WAY too long to come here legally. If someone wanted to apply in order to come here and find a better life for thier children… most likely by the time they had been processed their children would have been grown, and there would be no point to come. IT TAKES YEARS. 10+ to come here legally, that is if you don’t marry yourself in… which still takes a very long time. PEOPLE just don’t understand the kind of backup we are having with people who want to come here legally. Usually, these people, end up giving up on the system, and come here through the borders illegally. Tell me, if you have a reliatively intelligent and decent solution for this..if so.. maybe YOU should be running the country, right?
This sheriff is just following through with the bigotry taught to him by the rest of this ignorant country’s messed up-value believers.

This is great, now if every district had officials like this, our problems would be deported quicker.

WOW, a local official upholding the law. He sounds great.

Put him and Bloated Joe on the next flight out of this country.

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