A question about my 3 1/2 year old?

Ok this may be long:

Ever since my sone was 1 1/2 or so he stopped napping and will be up for 16 hours or more at a time.
He also is on the go non stop and there is not even a moment of silence.
Another thing that bugs me is like when he goes potty (just an example) He will sit on the toilet and scream at…

Firstly, your son is 100% normal. My daughter is 3-1/2 too, and acts more or less the same way. He is pushing your buttons, being stubborn, and trying to see how much he can get away with. Let me guess… for the past 3 years, Mommy’s been in charge, no ifs ands or buts about it, right? (That’s me!) Now, after you’ve laid down the law and stood by it, and he’s complied 99.9% of the time, he’s switched gears and been a holy terror ever since — right?

This thing with napping – my daughter did it too. I just recently reinstated the nap, after about a year of being soft about it. One thing that I will recommend is, instead of a nap (if he’s allergic to the word), institute “quiet time”. This is when he has to lay down either in his bed or on the couch, have a pillow and cover up, and the whole house must be quiet for an hour or two. He doesn’t have to sleep; in fact, he can “read” a book if he wants to. Whatever he wants to do has to be lying down, under the cover, and be quiet. I did that with my daughter, and I called it “taking a rest”. She ate it up. I couln’t tell whether she napped or not some days, I just laid her in her bed, gave her a couple of books, and told her I didn’t want to hear a peep out of her. Some days I’d peek in and she’d be sound asleep. Other days, she’d be quietly playing with her toys.
In order to reinstate the nap, I told her that she grows and gets bigger only when she’s sleeping. She wants to grow big and strong like mommy and daddy, right? >:-) Worked like a charm.

About wanting one parent over the other, my daughter’s doing that too. When we’re visiting her daddy’s parents, she’ll fuss and want grandma to help her in the bathroom. Sometimes grandma acquiesces, sometimes we don’t put up with it. If I’m going in to help her, she can have my help or do it herself, and that’s the way it is. If she still says “get out mommy! I want gramma!” I’ll go, but I’ll tell her gramma’s not coming in and she’ll have to wash her hands by herself. When she fusses that she can’t reach, I tell her that’s her problem since she doesn’t want my help. Works!!
As with your son’s obstinate behavior, I would tell him “I said you could get down, and if you don’t that’s your problem.” and let him sit there until he gets tired of it.

“Petting” his baby brother: this is normal too. He’s probably fascinated by him. I don’t know. All I know is my neighbor has a couple of boys and the older one (he’s 6) has a tendency to pat his little brother on the head (he’s 3). It’s a big brother thing, I’d say.

I’d have him checked out by your pediatrician to alleviate any of your worries.

I will also add that having a 3 year old is tough. I have a 3 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old son. Lately, my daughter (3) pushes buttons on me I didn’t even know I had. I have had to literally go into another room and cool down, come back in, and tell her I didn’t like the behavior and discipline her.

3 yr old are very stubborn, and its aggrevated with a child who is strongwilled, active and very opinionated.

Go have a night out- coffee, tea whatever floats your boats. Give yourself a break for an hour or two! With a 3 yr old and one on the way you certaintly deserve it!

It sounds like to me he wants attention from his daddy and he is starting to realize that you are a girl and that daddy is a boy just like he is. Your son is trying to relate to another boy.My son is 3 and a half and for about 4 hours straight he wont want anything to do with me I cant get him food or get him dressed or anything. He just wants his dads attention and I would just leave it at that. Dont take it personally. I dont think your son as ADD or OCD. He may just like the softness of his little brothers head and he knows that if he touches his head he isnt going to harm him in any way. if you are really that worried about it then I suggest that you take him to see his dr and see what the dr says.

he is a daddy’s boy and possibly hyperactive no sugar no orange juice no cherry juice no msg and no substitute sweeteners allowed …a little bit of luke warm coffee every couple of days to a few days whichever he is at his worst just a smidgeon,possibly in hi terrible 2 early i have babysat a couple of hundred kids and was a stepmother and raised my own son. Rubbing his head may just his way of acknowledging his existence, just explain to him often that he can’t touch his soft spot or he could hurt him really bad and no to do it

Sounds like Attention Deficient Disorder Have the lad checked out. They can treat it. Good luck1

awe! it sounds to me like your 3.5 year old is jealous and looking for more attention. it is possible that he has a.d.d. (i hate labeling a child with that bc they are hyper but it could be a possibility) good luck! i have one and she is pretty active so i can only imagine what you are going through….

this definatley sounds like adhd! without a doubt go to the doctors for more information, gd luck : )

sounds difficult could he have a little OCD maybe

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